Friday, November 30, 2007

{ It's So Quiet! }

So my brother David arrived here last night from Utah with his 3 boys and now they are gone with my 3 boys, well Lloyd, Jentry & Parker. They are headed to Tacoma Washington for a Football game
They will be home late tomorrow night. But I have to say with only 3 kids here and the 3 I speak of are all the youngest---my house is so nice and quiet. I love it.
I just popped some popcorn which we made into Carmel corn and we are now going to sit down and watch The Polar Express (DVD version), I know it's on TV tonight but I refuse to sit through commercials. Anyway off I go to have some bonding time with my kiddos..

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

{ Good Things }

Things are starting to look like Christmas around here. We have snow on the ground & I have got my tree up and decorated and the stockings are out I just need to figure out where to put them and I have to get Addison's made as well. I will post more Christmas stuff later. I am hoping to get better pictures of my tree.
And another "good thing" Corbin has finally accepted the fact that little Miss Addison is a permanent fixture in our family. I actually got it on film just to prove it to everyone. He no longer is telling me we need to find her "home".

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Monday, November 26, 2007

{ I Am Thankful }

For my
Yes we bought a new oven.
We broke it in on Turkey Day!
IT WORKS GREAT & it's just so pretty!
Plus I got a great deal on it too. :)
I do have more to be grateful for (I'll get to those later) but I thought I better post something as it has been days since my last post but, 
little Miss-poops- a-lot 
isn't giving me much time to myself lately.
Keep checking back, I may surprise myself and get something done today...
Well, we shall see...
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

{ I Love This View! }

 This is what we woke up to this morning. I think we have the best view in town!
Not the best Picture but I was freezing my buns off, 
 so I was in a really big hurry to get back into the house. :)
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Please Bear With Me

I am trying to "update" the look of my blog and am fighting with my header......
I'll have it fixed soon,
I hope. :)
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

{ I Just Love Her! }

I post this because I can...
And yes she got a bit Aunt Jamima on me with her bow in the middle of her head when she moved her little noggin around, but whatcha gonna do?
I still think she's stinking cute
I LOVE, LOVE this little face! :)
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{ It's Getting There! }

Well It's Saturday and Lloyd is actually home working on OUR back bedroom! It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the texture is all done and now Lloyd is putting up the trim work. Then we can spray primer the whole room,Yeah!!!
More Pictures to come.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

{ 2 Weeks Young }

Okay time is flying way too fast, it's hard to believe that she's already this old & in some weird way it seems like she has been here longer.
But anyway I HAD to get some pictures of her in this GAP Argyle set you can never go wrong with baby gap :) it does have matching socks and pants but we went with denim jeans today.
All this kids had their Flu shots well, "Flu mists" today and Addison got weighed yet again, she is up to 8lbs 6oz. So she is slowly getting back up to her birth weight.
well I'm off to make dinner while she is sleeping. Later!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

{ It's All Relative }

 Well Corbin is still adjusting to having a new sibling in the house. He is the first child for us, to go through an "adjustment phase". The other kids did so well when we brought home a new little one. 
He is extremely vocal in the whinese dept.
And he is also complaining of an apparent "Old War Wound" that he obtained back in the great war of 06'
(it's totally his crutch that he pulls out when he is in need of attention or is just having issues). Hopefully he will heal and everything will be all right again, otherwise we are taking him to the Veteran's hospital for further exploration. ;)

Anyway, yesterday Corbin he was telling me that we needed to find the baby's home. I explained to him several times that this was Addison's home and that she lived here with us and that she has her bed/clothes and so on and so forth.
Don't know if it sunk in as he hasn't asked for her to go anywhere today so that's progress I suppose.
I just hope that he has a great relationship with Addison like he has with Brinley. I know it will happen, I just wished it would happen a little sooner rather then later.
Oh well patience is a virture it will happen one of these days.
Silly boy!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

{ Addison Day 11 }

 Quickie update, we went yesterday to have her jaundice levels checked and low and behold they are going down on their own. She went from 16.7 to 15.7 in 24 hrs on her own so it looks like she is on the downhill side of this yellow loveliness,
I am suppose to take her in tomorrow to check her weight because she has lost almost a pound, she was down to 8lbs 1oz as of last Wednesday.
Anyway her are some pictures I snapped today.
It's been too long since I took any of her & she is actually awake in these
so here ya go!

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just Keep Swimming

~Words of Wisdom from Dori~
I found that title on another blog and thought how appropriate.....anyway
Addison had her PKU this morning and the Pediatrician thought she was looking a little more yellow and had us go and have her blood drawn AGAIN and come to find out she went up.
When we left the hospital on the 6th it was at 11.63 now it's back up to 16.7. So I have to take her yet again in the morning to the lab and have more blood drawn and IF it has gone up more we have to do more photo therapy aka... La' Tanning.
BUT the only good news is WE HAVE ACCESS TO A BILI BLANKET HERE IN OUR SMALL TOWN! SHOCK & AWE TO FOLLOW. Now why couldn't we have done this blanket thing say umm last week?
Anyway, I will let you all know more tomorrow. Sorry no pictures today we have been running all day long and I just got the baby in bed the dishes are done and now I am done but, I'm gonna keep on swimming. :)
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Friday, November 09, 2007

Doing a little Happy Dance

Okay so I have to share as I am doing the happy dance and I am probably going to jinx myself & it will all come to a screaming halt but, I had to go to the store the other day and buy some cheap jeans as my others were far too big.
Well I am now wearing a size smaller than before I got pregnant!
So YEAH ME! That's all..
Sorry for the selfish post now back to the babies...
I will post pictures soon. Addison has her second PKU this morning at 11:00 so I need to hurry and get ready. Later :)
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Umm Bed Not So Much/I Was Tagged

Okay so I tried to go to bed and as soon as I laid down wouldn't you know it. Miss Addison was telling me off so while I feed her I figure it is about time I posted something of a non-baby sort.
So my Sister in law Tia had tagged me a little while ago and you all know how I love to be tagged (insert sarcasm here) but I figured I would bite the bullet and do it. Because really it's not all that bad.
Drum roll please:
Some Random Things/Facts About Me.
1. I can't go to bed with a sink full of dishes. So I run a load of dishes every night while we sleep because I hate waking up to work. And I can't put pots and pans or large bowls in the dishwasher, I wash those by hand as I feel it's a waste of room in the dishwasher & electricity.
2. I am the worst at finishing crafts and such. I have had a Family Home Evening vinyl sign for oh what a couple of yrs now and all I have to do is add the little hanger things and print some pictures but have I finished it? Nope.
3. I have a hard time throwing things out AKA: smallish pack rat. I fear I may need it someday and so I will store it away and then run across it a year later as we organize and then end up tossing it. I am getting better though. We did a major purge when we started our back room. I may have turned over a new leaf.
4. I HAVE to shower at night, because my hair does better the next day if it's not that I've just been cleaned thing. Don't know why but that the way my hair goes.
5. I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Newborn Babies (especially my own). I only wished they stayed newborns a little longer. Because we all know they are regular ol' kids much longer than babies. Sniff mine is already growing too fast.
6. I played clarinet for 9 yrs. Yes I was a Band Geek, and there are times that I wished I still played. But I'm sure if I tried my lips would fall off. I loved playing my clarinet.
7. I wear socks to bed but have to take them off as soon as my feet warm up. Then I sleep with my feet or 1 foot out of the covers, yup I know makes no sense at all.
8. I would rather give birth to triplets without drugs than give a talk in church. I don't like knowing all eyes & ears are on me. FREAKS ME OUT and my mind goes blank & my mouth goes dry & I start to shake. Those 3 in combo with each other SO NOT PRETTY.
9. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to sippy cups. All the lids have to match the right cup. I just can't go willy nilly and grab whatever. They MUST match.
10. I wish I was a great photographer, I know a little about my camera but my mind doesn't think backwards like a camera. I know I just need to take some classes.
11. I am a pretty random person, and my mind is always ahead of my lips. I can change the topic of a conversation on a dime & sometimes people don't get me because I'll be talking about something and then out comes something else that has nothing to do with what I had just said.
Oh and I told you I was random this was only suppose to be
6 facts about myself not 11. :)
Now I'm off to bed.
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We had her blood draw @ 5:00 and her level was at 11.63 which is down from 11.79! So it is going down on it's own.
I do have to take her in tomorrow to get weighed and rechecked by the pediatrician, but I can handle that.
SO YEAH it looks like we are home!
I'm off to bed, I'm exhausted.
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{ Going Home! }

At least I think we get to stay home. 
We got sent home this morning as her levels had dropped, BUT we have to take her back to the hospital at 5:00 today to have more blood drawn and we will know more from there.
IF her levels go up a little I think our Pediatrician was going to call around and see if he could find a bili blanket. I don't know if he will be able to find such a thing around here, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. Hey Dawn do you have Bili Blankets in Enterprise? Do you think we could smuggle one out? :) 
I told him I can't stay at the hospital anymore with 4 kids it's just too hard, I need to be home. Plus she is getting old enough that really a bili blanket would do the job. Stayed tuned to your local Berry Blog for more at 5:00 pm :)

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Well Hallelujah! Her levels are going down!
She is finally under 12. This morning her levels measured 11.7 so that's good and apparently puts her in the low risk category for her age according to our nurse. I was a wee bit frustrated with the girl who drew her blood though. I'm calling her girl because I swear she looked about 17.
The nurse came in and took Addison to the nursery for the draw, I normally go with her but seriously was so exhausted I couldn't keep my eyes open, so they bring her back and say she did great, about 10 minutes later the lab girl comes into my room and says oh dumb me.. I was like what?
Then she said oh they didn't tell you, I used the wrong tube I was suppose to use purple not blue so I need to draw her blood again. GRRR!!!! Seriously!!!! And I am now awake!
So she does it again, this time with terrible luck. She basically was rooting around in her arm for I swear like 4 minutes with the needle trying to find the vein she "thought" she had.... So poor Addison has been poked one more time than needed. I'm sure she will be sporting a nice bruise with this last draw. Our nurse was pretty upset with the lab girl. She told her, you have to tell the mom the baby needs another draw we aren't telling her this was your fault. So at least someone is on poor little Addison's side.
Yeah I am so ready for this to be done.
I need to be home with my family.
So now we wait for the Pediatrician to see if we get to go home this morning. ;)
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Monday, November 05, 2007


Well, we got back her test results and they went from 12.2 to 12.02 not much of a difference I thought there would be a bigger drop because she has been under these lights for days on end.
I am now supplementing with formula hoping that will help
I have never had a baby take so long to get rid of Jaundice.
So I get another night in the blue room.
I want to go home.
And that's all I have to say about that.
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The Waiting Game:

Well I am just waiting until 5:00 when they will come and draw some more blood for another Bili level test. Our Pediatrician said that if she is under 12 that we may get to go home. She was at 12.2 this morning. Then tomorrow we are suppose to come back to the hospital and have more blood drawn and immediately after that go to the pediatric clinic for her to have a check up.
My only concern is, if it we go home tonight and get her blood drawn in the morning and it goes up what happens then?
My mom would be gone & we would have to find somewhere for the kids to go as Lloyd has to go back to work tomorrow. Plus I would rather sit here another night to make sure that her levels are low enough not to worry about. Mercy, I know it's just the mom in me, but why do I worry so much about all the little stuff? Well, I'll post more in a while just had to do something I am sooooooo bored out of my mind. There is really only so much Internet surfing one can do during the day. Later:)
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Still Here

Yes we are still up here at the Hospital. Thought I would update as some of you may be checking. They drew more of Addison's blood this morning at 6:00 and next thing I know they are coming back to our room to draw more. I guess the 6:00 am draw said that her levels were REALLY HIGH, they think that the draw was damanged something about damanged red blood cells.
The lab asked the lady who drew the blood if this baby was really yellow, she said in fact she was really pink. So they had to prick her heel and spend 15 mins trying to squeeze blood from her while she screamed her little head off.
Anyway I am just waiting for the new level results and also waiting for the Pediatrician. I will let you all know more later.
And wouldn't you know it, Addison's Dr. just came in and her levels are at 12.2 and he wants her to stay under the lights for today and do another blood draw at 5:00. Can I just say this is getting old. My poor Mom is so ready to go home as am I. Well gotta go and call Lloyd to let him know what is going on.
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Sunday, November 04, 2007

{ Jaundice Round 2! }

And we are back! 
We came back on Saturday night. 
Well I guess I should start from the beginning...
We had a pretty good day Addison spent time suntanning from her crib and so on and so forth. Well around 4:00 she fell asleep again after I had fed her and I put her back in her crib for more window time well, she slept great just a little too great. I couldn't wake her to save my life. I tried to wake her up after 3 hrs of sleep and she just would not. So I let her sleep some more. Needless to say I had to drag out my pump as I was dying, & I tried to wake her again 2 hrs later and she woke up enough to take like 3 swallows of milk from the bottle and back to sleep she goes. Now I found this a bit odd. I have never had a newborn sleep for 5 hrs straight especially at 3 days old. And she was starting to look very yellow again. So I am definitely in mommy mode and it takes over.
I get on the Internet and search about Jaundice and if it make babies sleepy- yup it does. So I talk to Lloyd and figured I would rather be safe than sorry because I think something is up (her levels that is) so we call and talk to the Pediatrician. She said to go to the hospital and have the lab run a bili blood test on her and to wait there for the results because if they are high enough they will admit her (I am so glad I didn't unpack). So they come back as we expected higher than when we left yesterday evening. Yesterday her levels were at 10.6 and this evening they were at 15.45.
I am glad I listened to my intuition because with Jaundice if their levels go undetected and get too high there can be brain damage and a variety of other not so fun things that can happen to them.
And we were not suppose to have her checked again until Monday sometime. And if she went up that much in 24 hrs imagine what her numbers would have been on Monday. Yikes.
Now I am back to enjoying my Day glow room yet again. I am just glad I got one night in my comfy bed and a nice shower in my own bathroom & some sleep time.
So if ANYONE is bored enough they are more than welcome to come and visit me REALLY, I have Wheat Thins and some DVDs just make sure to bring your sunglasses. :)
Sorry for the novel it must be the lights... Nah, it's just me.
Oh a side note: they will run her bili levels again @ noon today (Sunday) the 4th so ya might call me on my cell if you are gonna come up. But I'm sure with our luck we will still be here, unless by some jaundice disappearing miracle something happens.
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Conversations With Dad

Parker: Dad are there more than 10 grades in School?
Dad: Yes there are 12 grades in School.
Parker: Is it hard?
Dad: Yes it gets harder every year.
Parker: How old do you have to be to get married?
Dad: At least 21 because that's how old you would be after your Mission.
Parker: Is a Mission hard?
Dad: Yes a Mission is hard.
Parker: What do you teach on a Mission?
Dad: You teach people about Heavenly Father & Jesus and answer their questions.
Parker: Dad, tomorrow I am not taking any toys to Church.
Dad: Why?
Parker: Because I want to get ready for my Mission. :)

This is a Conversation that Lloyd and Parker had today, Lloyd told me about it and I had to post it on my blog. It is definitely something that I want to remember.
Talk about pulling at a Mom's heartstrings...
We love you Parker
November 3, 2007
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

{ Addison Day 3 }

I figured I would post pictures as I go. These are from 2 days ago.

Anyway I came home last night and died. I was SO TIRED! I am talking extreme exhaustion I think my 4 maybe 5 hrs of hospital sleep caught up with me. I went to bed last night at 11:00 and Addison only woke up I think 2 times, so not too bad. Then we got up at 7:30 and I fed her again and then we came back to bed till like 11:20. She & I had lunch and the now I am sitting in my bed surfing while Addison is suntanning in her crib. I did manage to get my checkbook balanced and look at every body's blogs and now updating my own. Addison has been a very easy going baby so far. She really doesn't cry much, only when she is hungry or cold.

Oh and for those of you who didn't know my Mom has been here since 10/30. She came down when I told her I was going in on the 31st instead of the 1st. She is going to stick around until Monday after Addison's Dr. appt. to find out if she has to go back into the hospital for more photo therapy. So I will know more on Monday for sure. But it sure is nice having her help. I am sure she is ready to go home because she is tired too, but Lloyd has been trying to help by taking Corbin with him to give her a little break. In fact I just sent Corbin & Brinley outside to help Lloyd and Jentry in the yard (Parker is at a b-day party) Mom is watching The Lake House. I told her to put her feet up. Oh and speaking of Corbin, he still is a little unsure of Addison, I finally got him to kiss the top of her head today and hold her for about oh....30 seconds. I think he is still trying to figure her out. But he kissed and held her with a smile on his face so I think he's coming around to the fact that the pecking order has changed a little around here. :)
Oh and some great no FABULOUS news for me. I got on my scale this morning to weigh myself and have already lost 20 pounds! :):) 
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Friday, November 02, 2007

{ HOME! }

Well we get to go home, she still is jaundice but we are going to keep her by a window all day tomorrow & hopefully she will pee/poop good too as that will help, plus i believe that we are officially on with breastfeeding my body seems to be doing it's job finally so I hope that with her feeding it will help her jaundice go away. We are to take her to the pediatrician on Monday to get an jaundice checkup/update so we will know more then. But I will continue to post more pictures this weekend. 
Well gotta get my stuff gathered together so we can get the heck outta here!
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{ She Has Jaundice...I Figured As Much }

Update: So they checked her Bili levels this morning and they went up to 10.6! So we don't get to go home this morning. I am so in need of clean pj's and some more clean clothes and well I just want to get out of this joint. I am basically ready to be checked out we are just waiting on her levels to get a bit lower. They are going to draw more blood at 5:00 to see if she is doing anything and if she is then great we go home, otherwise it's another night in this room.
I'm tired, this bed is TERRIBLE and my eyes hurt from living in this Blue Day Glow Room. I think I need my sunglasses at night so I can see.
I know your all most likely sick and tired of reading about baby posts but when your stuck staring at the same 4 walls for days there really is nothing else to talk about. Sigh... Well I'm off to try and sleep that is until a nurse comes in AGAIN. Later. ;)
Oh this lovely little thing called-- Jaundice!
I knew we would be way too lucky to escape this part of us having a baby. At least this time they are starting her under the lights before we even leave the hospital.
Usually we go home for 1 night and have to bring the baby back the next day to have the lab draw blood to test their levels and then they call us about an hr later saying you need to come back in so your baby can "bake" a little more so then we spend another 2-4 more day's in the hospital. 
Can you tell we have done this now 5 times! But anyway,
last night Lloyd and I were looking at her and he made the comment that she was looking more yellow than the last time he had saw her, & I thought so too. So I went as asked the nurse to check her levels and she said they were going to wait until this morning to do it but went ahead and checked her last night to make us feel better.
I'm glad they did.
Her levels yesterday morning were 6.5 and last night they were 9.6, and our Pediatrician happened to be here last night & decided that she should start her tanning process now instead of later. Hopefully we have caught it early enough that we will get to go home soon. So here she is in all her Tanning/Yellow Bumble Bee Glory.

More to come later.
P.S. I am so exhausted I think I have had 4 hrs sleep total in the last 2 nights.
And thank you so much Melissa. You know why. :)
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

{ Addison }

Here are some pictures from this morning. Just thought I would share. 
I love her little face! So sweet! But I am biased.

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