Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Umm Bed Not So Much/I Was Tagged

Okay so I tried to go to bed and as soon as I laid down wouldn't you know it. Miss Addison was telling me off so while I feed her I figure it is about time I posted something of a non-baby sort.
So my Sister in law Tia had tagged me a little while ago and you all know how I love to be tagged (insert sarcasm here) but I figured I would bite the bullet and do it. Because really it's not all that bad.
Drum roll please:
Some Random Things/Facts About Me.
1. I can't go to bed with a sink full of dishes. So I run a load of dishes every night while we sleep because I hate waking up to work. And I can't put pots and pans or large bowls in the dishwasher, I wash those by hand as I feel it's a waste of room in the dishwasher & electricity.
2. I am the worst at finishing crafts and such. I have had a Family Home Evening vinyl sign for oh what a couple of yrs now and all I have to do is add the little hanger things and print some pictures but have I finished it? Nope.
3. I have a hard time throwing things out AKA: smallish pack rat. I fear I may need it someday and so I will store it away and then run across it a year later as we organize and then end up tossing it. I am getting better though. We did a major purge when we started our back room. I may have turned over a new leaf.
4. I HAVE to shower at night, because my hair does better the next day if it's not that I've just been cleaned thing. Don't know why but that the way my hair goes.
5. I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Newborn Babies (especially my own). I only wished they stayed newborns a little longer. Because we all know they are regular ol' kids much longer than babies. Sniff mine is already growing too fast.
6. I played clarinet for 9 yrs. Yes I was a Band Geek, and there are times that I wished I still played. But I'm sure if I tried my lips would fall off. I loved playing my clarinet.
7. I wear socks to bed but have to take them off as soon as my feet warm up. Then I sleep with my feet or 1 foot out of the covers, yup I know makes no sense at all.
8. I would rather give birth to triplets without drugs than give a talk in church. I don't like knowing all eyes & ears are on me. FREAKS ME OUT and my mind goes blank & my mouth goes dry & I start to shake. Those 3 in combo with each other SO NOT PRETTY.
9. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to sippy cups. All the lids have to match the right cup. I just can't go willy nilly and grab whatever. They MUST match.
10. I wish I was a great photographer, I know a little about my camera but my mind doesn't think backwards like a camera. I know I just need to take some classes.
11. I am a pretty random person, and my mind is always ahead of my lips. I can change the topic of a conversation on a dime & sometimes people don't get me because I'll be talking about something and then out comes something else that has nothing to do with what I had just said.
Oh and I told you I was random this was only suppose to be
6 facts about myself not 11. :)
Now I'm off to bed.
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  1. See that wasn't so bad! :) And you even did 11. I hate speaking in church too! Joe like to volunteer himself but learned along time ago it was a bit YOU'RE DEAD if he ever volunteered me!!! :)

  2. Rachel you are so funny! It was great to learn a little more about ya! I sleep with my feet out of the covers too, they get so cold before I go to sleep and then fry in the night. Weird!


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