Monday, April 23, 2012

{ Happy Birthday To Me! }

Yup, sadly it's that time of year again.
It's my birthday today....
Photo via Pinterest
 This year has been a real treat, 
we've been without water for almost 3 days.
Right now the "Domestic Pump Service Guy" 
(really his business card calls him that-I joke not)
 is here trying to pull our pump out of the ground. 
Poor guy... It's only 180 feet down there, so he's here for awhile.
photo via web
Also I decided to start getting more healthy, so I started walking/jogging while Addison was at pre-school. 
Well, Thursday I obviously over did it.
Photo via web- we all know this is SO NOT ME!
I screwed up my knee big time and have been in bed since Friday night in P.A.I.N. I'm happy to say that, today I'm feeling a bit better. I can walk on it without cringing or crying.

Now if only I could take a shower, do laundry, dishes, or heck flush the toilet like normal instead of pouring water into the bowl to "flush" it out. 

On the up side, my birthday gift this year is a new well pump hidden 180+ feet in the ground.

Yeah turning 37 this year freaking rocks. 
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