Sunday, November 11, 2007

{ Addison Day 11 }

 Quickie update, we went yesterday to have her jaundice levels checked and low and behold they are going down on their own. She went from 16.7 to 15.7 in 24 hrs on her own so it looks like she is on the downhill side of this yellow loveliness,
I am suppose to take her in tomorrow to check her weight because she has lost almost a pound, she was down to 8lbs 1oz as of last Wednesday.
Anyway her are some pictures I snapped today.
It's been too long since I took any of her & she is actually awake in these
so here ya go!

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  1. I'm so glad she's doing better, but at least you have the bili-blanket if you need it. She looks so much older already, awwhhh- I need to come visit!

    I think she looks like Parker with a little Brinley thrown in, such a cutie!

  2. She's so little. I need a baby! To bad they grow so fast. :)

  3. She is sooooo cute! I think she looks like Parker too. I love to hold her she is so small. I can't believe how good you look Rachel! That is so awesome.


  4. Rachel, So glad things are on the up side now. Hopefully it continues that way. She is such a doll, makes me want another one... but like Melissa said its too bad they grow so fast!

  5. Sweet. I think she looks like Parker and Brinley.

  6. I love those bows you put in your girls hair. so cute!

  7. so beautiful. She really has grown since her first photos. I love the bow.



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