Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{ Season 8 Is Here!!! }

That's right PROJECT RUNWAY Season 8 is on Tomorrow!!!
This is hands down one of my most favorite shows on television.
So go set your DVR for 6:00 pm on Lifetime TV.

I mean how could you not love this show, just look at this dress below it's made from potato sacks! Sheer awesomeness.....
Sigh.... I do love me some good television...... :)
Now go forth and program!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

{ Girls Camp Washer Neclace: Cost, Info & Tips }

Well, the necklaces were a BIG HIT! The girls had fun and loved them! I even caught a glimpse of a few girls wearing them to church yesterday, ya gotta love that!
I've had several emails asking me where I got my supplies so here you go & I'll even throw in a few tips that I found helped me while making these babies.

Girls Camp Theme for 2010
Be Courageous and Strong it's a jungle out there.
Ribbon bought from HERE
Beads from HERE
I also bought a bowl of Pony Beads from Wally's in case the girls wanted those instead of the silver beads. So glad I did!
The washers I bought from our local D&B Hardware store, I bought them by the pound. I Paid $17.38 for a little over 300 washers.
1. Buy your washers by the pound if you can, this way you can hand pick them, trust me not all washers are pretty and smooth.
2.Use an Anvil to stamp your washers if you don't have one a concrete slab works just as well. I prefer the Anvil as you can stand and stamp while jamming to your Ipod.
3. Use a VERY heavy hammer/mallet, I found I only had to pound on the stamps 2-3 times. Granted the heavier the hammer to more sore your wrist. This I know from experience, but it went so much faster. In fact I think I spent a total of maybe 4 hrs stamping all 300 washers.
4. BEFORE coloring your letters give the washer a quick once over with a wet wipe I found when you clean it first the sharpie marks comes off SO MUCH EASIER!
5. I used 1/2'' & 3/8'' washers for this project.
6. I marked the stamps with nail polish so I knew which way I was supposed to stamp it. Trust me it's easy to screw it up. So I marked it with the polish facing me. Now I need to go remove the polish before I return them to my Father in law. :)
Cost to make 150 kits (I had a $100 budget):
Washers- $17.38
Ribbon- $29.03
Beads- $45.47
Grand Total: $91.88
So roughly each necklace cost $0.61 cents each.
Ya gotta love those numbers, I hope some of this info was helpful!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

{ Addison }

This is what 2 1/2 looks like at our house....
It may have been an overcast day but this little girl seems to be a little ray of sunshine where ever she goes.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{ Baby Shower Gift Fonts }

I have had several emails over the past 2 days asking which fonts I used for THIS POST BELOW. I used the 2 following fonts which are both FREE!

CK Ali's Hand Font --- Link HERE

(I use ck ali's hand for a ton of my projects)

Pea Colton Font --- Link HERE

And speaking of all things Fonts I posted this video a while back but still LOVE it!

If you are a Font Junkie like myself you will love it too!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

{ Baby Shower Gift Idea Quick & Easy }

I went to a friends baby shower last Thursday and decided that I needed to add a little something else to the gift bag to go along with the ubber cute outfit & hat with flower I gave her.

The place I knew to find such cuteness was my Internet friend Hilary's blog (which is private) she always has the cutest ideas and this is one of the many! Talk about super simple, and quick! I used a Dollar Tree frame which I spray painted black and typed up the rest.
Thanks for the inspiration Hilary! I think it was a hit!

CK Alis_Writing (which is free)
Pea Colton (free from

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

{ Stamping Metal Washers - Stake Girls Camp Style }

Yup this is what is CONSUMING my time lately.
I have to stamp 280 washers all before the 21st.

I am some what surprised how quickly it is going though, I got ALL the small 3/8'' washers stamped this afternoon during nap time. Now I am working on the large 1/2'' washers. We are making necklaces out of these but I figured there would be no way that all the girls could stamp their own washers in a 1/2 hr. So I figured I would just do it and the girls can color the letters and string it with a ribbon & bead.

They are pretty stinking cute all done up I'll have to post a picture when I have Brinley wearing one. All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS for my Father in Law as I'm borrowing his stamps, large hammer and his 55 lb. anvil. You gotta love a man who has lots of tools. Thanks Don!

FYI:The theme for Girls camp this year is "Be strong & courageous it's a jungle out there".
I'm using THIS tutorial to make the necklaces. I even found the same ribbon (which was requested) for CHEAP we're talking 25 yards for $3.08 I'm getting 150 yards. I also found some awesome beads from Canada for a STEAL thanks to eBay.
I am well under my budget of $100.00 for 140 necklaces.
I love the Internet!

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

{ Cabin Or House? You Decide..... }

This is a "Hunting Cabin" that is currently being built not too far from where we live. I use the word "Cabin" loosely as this is an 8,000 ft. structure. But considering the size of the owners residential home in California this would be a cabin to them as their home over in the land of the sun is H.U.G.E.... Lloyd installed some cork flooring in their exercise room and said that we HAD to come see this house.
So enter a little road trip to the Cabin/House in the woods.

I'm pretty sure I will never in my lifetime know what this kind of money is like, but it sure was fun to go and see it in real life.
My Excursion looks so small next to this house!

I love the rock pattern they used on the Garage.
These are the Garage doors. There are 3 of these beauties. I tried to get pictures of the inside of the house but it was just too dang dark. But trust me it's C.O.O.L.
Would you look at this view!
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I could live with this if I had too :)

Well my dryer just buzzed so I guess I better get back to reality.
Sure was fun while it lasted though.
Lucky Ducks......
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