Sunday, November 11, 2012

{ C's Baptism }

Do you ever have an event in your life, where you are so busy getting everything ready that you take hardly any pictures? 
Well, that my friends was how Corbin's baptism went. 

Don't get me wrong it was an awesome, spiritual day. 
We combined his baptism with some friends in our ward and the program turned out really, really nice. The music was amazing, and I cried happy tears through most of it. 
I was mad at myself for not getting many pictures but here's what I did manage to capture.
I made his invitation in Photoshop CS3. 
Can you believe these shots I got for a kid that was hating this photo session with his mama! 
Thankfully, for Corbin it only lasted 10 minutes.
The CTR banner I made using some brown shopping bags from Wally's that I cut to size and ran through my printer. The white pom pom's I made with my friend's Nanette and Danielle. 
The rest of the of the filler was loaned to us by Nan. 
We had lots of treats for after the baptism, but sadly this is the only shot I got with my nice camera of the mini pumpkin cupcakes I made.
photo via android
This photo was taken with my cell phone. Most all the food was eaten, we only went home with a handful of the mini pumpkin cupcakes.
Here are my boys, Corbin was so darn excited.
We are so happy that he is Choosing The Right!

We want to thank all of our Family that drove so far to support Corbin, we love you all.
Thank you to my fabulous friends for baking, loaning, crafting and listening.
 You are my glue.
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