Sunday, November 04, 2007

{ Jaundice Round 2! }

And we are back! 
We came back on Saturday night. 
Well I guess I should start from the beginning...
We had a pretty good day Addison spent time suntanning from her crib and so on and so forth. Well around 4:00 she fell asleep again after I had fed her and I put her back in her crib for more window time well, she slept great just a little too great. I couldn't wake her to save my life. I tried to wake her up after 3 hrs of sleep and she just would not. So I let her sleep some more. Needless to say I had to drag out my pump as I was dying, & I tried to wake her again 2 hrs later and she woke up enough to take like 3 swallows of milk from the bottle and back to sleep she goes. Now I found this a bit odd. I have never had a newborn sleep for 5 hrs straight especially at 3 days old. And she was starting to look very yellow again. So I am definitely in mommy mode and it takes over.
I get on the Internet and search about Jaundice and if it make babies sleepy- yup it does. So I talk to Lloyd and figured I would rather be safe than sorry because I think something is up (her levels that is) so we call and talk to the Pediatrician. She said to go to the hospital and have the lab run a bili blood test on her and to wait there for the results because if they are high enough they will admit her (I am so glad I didn't unpack). So they come back as we expected higher than when we left yesterday evening. Yesterday her levels were at 10.6 and this evening they were at 15.45.
I am glad I listened to my intuition because with Jaundice if their levels go undetected and get too high there can be brain damage and a variety of other not so fun things that can happen to them.
And we were not suppose to have her checked again until Monday sometime. And if she went up that much in 24 hrs imagine what her numbers would have been on Monday. Yikes.
Now I am back to enjoying my Day glow room yet again. I am just glad I got one night in my comfy bed and a nice shower in my own bathroom & some sleep time.
So if ANYONE is bored enough they are more than welcome to come and visit me REALLY, I have Wheat Thins and some DVDs just make sure to bring your sunglasses. :)
Sorry for the novel it must be the lights... Nah, it's just me.
Oh a side note: they will run her bili levels again @ noon today (Sunday) the 4th so ya might call me on my cell if you are gonna come up. But I'm sure with our luck we will still be here, unless by some jaundice disappearing miracle something happens.
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  1. Jeez, and I thought the sun at home would do some good - imagine if you hadn't done home sunntanning! Wow, I sure hope she gets that yucky stuff out of her system. Sorry I would come up but I just came down with a cold and I wouldn't want to get you all sick. Stupid colds.

  2. I wondered how she had such high levels the one time and got to come home so soon. UGH. Just think, hopefully once this is under control in a couple days you'll never have to go thru this again! Trying to find a positive. Plus you caught it in time. I WISH i could come visit. Just know i would if i could. Hang in. Love ya.

  3. I'm gonna call you here in a few minutes! :)

  4. Holy cow, I feel like the worst friend ever! I could have stopped by after conference but I thought for sure you were at home resting now. I'll call you tomorrow, if you forgive me!


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