Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Well Hallelujah! Her levels are going down!
She is finally under 12. This morning her levels measured 11.7 so that's good and apparently puts her in the low risk category for her age according to our nurse. I was a wee bit frustrated with the girl who drew her blood though. I'm calling her girl because I swear she looked about 17.
The nurse came in and took Addison to the nursery for the draw, I normally go with her but seriously was so exhausted I couldn't keep my eyes open, so they bring her back and say she did great, about 10 minutes later the lab girl comes into my room and says oh dumb me.. I was like what?
Then she said oh they didn't tell you, I used the wrong tube I was suppose to use purple not blue so I need to draw her blood again. GRRR!!!! Seriously!!!! And I am now awake!
So she does it again, this time with terrible luck. She basically was rooting around in her arm for I swear like 4 minutes with the needle trying to find the vein she "thought" she had.... So poor Addison has been poked one more time than needed. I'm sure she will be sporting a nice bruise with this last draw. Our nurse was pretty upset with the lab girl. She told her, you have to tell the mom the baby needs another draw we aren't telling her this was your fault. So at least someone is on poor little Addison's side.
Yeah I am so ready for this to be done.
I need to be home with my family.
So now we wait for the Pediatrician to see if we get to go home this morning. ;)
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  1. I would be mad as heck too. I would have told the chick that she was done after rooting around for 20 seconds. Which I have actually done before. Because they can totally get someone else who is better at least thats my opinion! Ewww I'd have been fuming. Poor little baby...

  2. I was beginning to think you should forward all your calls and mail to your blue room! I'm so glad you might get to come home finally and I'm sure your family is ready for mom to come home to.

    As for Ms. Pokehappy nurse she should practice on oldler people before she roots around in babies, poor Addison!

  3. Oh I am so sorry for you both. Especially, when dealing with newborn and pediatric patients everyone (doctors, nurses, lab techs, x-ray, whoever) should triple and quadruple check themselves before any procedure. We all make mistakes but that one was DUMB. Poor Addison. She is such a beautiful girl. I am glad you get to go home.


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