Friday, August 27, 2010

{ It's That Time Of Year Again! }

Yes these have taken over!
I'm sorry for my absence lately but I've been super busy getting these all canned along with 27 pints of peach jam, and lets not forget the 3 family stitchery's I have been busy with as well.

I've been trying to get everything done so that we can go and enjoy this lovely home by the lake in Idaho.
We are going on a much needed vacation and are going to have a blast! I'm sure I'll have plenty to post about when I return, but I better get back to packing the Mister will be home soon! Have a Fabulous Weekend!!
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

{ Pain In The Neck! }

This is me right now... Well the picture isn't me, but I promise this is how I feel.
I've had the worst neck pain for about 2 weeks now... I slept wrong awhile back and frankly it's not getting any better. I think it's time to visit the Crack-O-Practor.
photo via web images

So needless to say this pain the my neck has caused all things crafty to come to a screeching halt!
Which is so sad because I have this cute fabric that I need to make a dress out of for Addison. Hopefully me and my sewing machine can bond soon.

Have a Fabulous Friday!! 
Now where is my Icy Hot????
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Saturday, August 07, 2010

{ Baby Bjorn Carrier Cover Tutorial EASY }

I made this Baby Bjorn Carrier Cover over 2 years ago and I'm still getting emails on how I made it.
So needless to say this tutorial is long over due. I had loaned this carrier to someone and now that I have it back here is what I did step by step.
Keep in mind I'm no seamstress.... :)

Sorry I don't have any sewing pictures but trust me if I could make this then you know it's E.A.S.Y.

I would recommend using some cheap o' fabric first if you're nervous about sewing one of these together, then you can make your adjustments on it. Let's just call it your test cover. And as luck would have it I still had my test cover and here it is in all it's sad glory.

Supplies needed:
Fabric, fabric pen, sewing machine, scissors, baby carrier.

 Take straps off baby carrier and lay flat on your fabric.
Trace around your carrier with a fabric pen on wrong side of fabric, make sure to leave a 1/2 seam allowance between the carrier and your pen mark. As you can see on my tester I have a little more than 1/2 in some areas. Ignore that fact.
Place your traced fabric on top of your second piece of fabric right sides together then pin & cut your pattern out.

Unpin & hem the edges where the straps go through.
Pin your fabrics together again making sure you line up all your strap openings.
Sew around your cover.
Clip around all corners being careful not to clip your seam.
Then I turned it right side out and ironed it.

 Roll up your carrier like a crepe & stuff the carrier in one of the large side strap openings and adjust your carrier inside to fit. It's a tight fit but it works.

TIP: If you find some of your seams aren't very tight such it's too loose by the straps just take it off and sew around that curve a little more. 
I had to do it to 2 of mine.

 I also would recommend sewing a zig-zag stitch around all your edges just to help finish it off and strengthen your seams.

After you have your seams how you like them place carrier back inside and you are good to go!
I'm all about slip covers as I have them on my Ikea furniture and having them on this cover was a blessing as you can just remove it and throw it in the wash if it gets dirty.

Hope this tutorial helps!

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

{ ThingsThat Make You Go Hmmmm... }

Can you guess what I've been up to lately? Besides kids, diapers, potty training, soccer, cleaning & traveling???

The sanding is almost done I hope to have this baby finished VERY soon. Now if only I can get my paint sprayer to work....
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