Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just Keep Swimming

~Words of Wisdom from Dori~
I found that title on another blog and thought how appropriate.....anyway
Addison had her PKU this morning and the Pediatrician thought she was looking a little more yellow and had us go and have her blood drawn AGAIN and come to find out she went up.
When we left the hospital on the 6th it was at 11.63 now it's back up to 16.7. So I have to take her yet again in the morning to the lab and have more blood drawn and IF it has gone up more we have to do more photo therapy aka... La' Tanning.
BUT the only good news is WE HAVE ACCESS TO A BILI BLANKET HERE IN OUR SMALL TOWN! SHOCK & AWE TO FOLLOW. Now why couldn't we have done this blanket thing say umm last week?
Anyway, I will let you all know more tomorrow. Sorry no pictures today we have been running all day long and I just got the baby in bed the dishes are done and now I am done but, I'm gonna keep on swimming. :)
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  1. Oh good i'm glad you can have that blanket. I'm glad too you have the energy to swim. You have more than i do!!!

  2. Where were they hiding it?? I'm so glad you'll be able to stay home, no radioactive room for you!

  3. I hope she gets un-janudiced soon! I have no experinece w/ it. I just feel bad for you & her!

    Congrats on the weight loss!!

  4. Sorry for the need to return to the hospital. Hope Addison can kick this Jaundice thing. Why is she struggling with this so long?

    It must feel good to get into jeans again so soon.

    Did you get your blanket?


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