Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{ Mom, I Mustache You A Question. }

Well, my brood came home from school yesterday and happily they had a great day! All I can say is phew, & thank goodness, I was a little nervous for them. More for Jentry, being it was his first day in High School (man I'm getting old).

As I was cleaning up the dishes from dinner last night, Corbin informed me that he needed to take a water bottle to school.
 He then sweetly asked me if I could buy one at the store with his name on it. 
I told him yes, 
All the while knowing there was no such thing.  

So what's a Mom to do? 
I dusted off my Cricut/Vinyl and cut out a hat, mustache & of course his name.
I think it turned out pretty cute MANLY and I'm sure NO ONE in his class will have one like it.
Please don't mind the water spots, I washed it out before I made it all fabulous.
I so love this, and it took maybe 15 minutes to do. 
There's nothing sweeter then a quick easy craft I tell you. 
Okay, sure it's manly but it's also freaking cute... I had to say it.

I am slightly stoked for him to see it in the a.m.
I just this sweet boy of mine.

Here are links to the products I used: 
Just click on them & they will open in a new window. 
Mustache- DB Disguise 1
Hat- DB Disguise 2
Program- Sure Cuts Alot aka SCAL
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Monday, August 27, 2012

{ 1st Day Back To School }

Our annual back to school photo.
Corbin 2nd  ~ Brinley 5th  ~ Parker 7th  ~ Jentry 9th

More pictures to come later.

The Border Date Font on the photo is actually a brush, here is the link:
Three Sixty Five Days Photo and Journal Overlays
The 2012 Font is a Freebie Font: 
Sketch Font
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

{ Mama, Mama I'm Coming Home.. }

This boy has been gone for 9 long days.
Parker with his -now gone- as in went to an actual farm- Rooster Albert.
 Lucky for us, he is on his way home today. 
I do believe that Lake Powell has had him long enough.
Thank you K family for taking him on a trip he will always remember. 
 Oh, how I've missed this sweet, mischievous boy.

P.S.- He's home just in time for school to start

What is it with me and music titles?
I know I love me some tunes, but honestly, I've got to stop! ☺
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{ ♪♫ You Make Me Feel Like Scratching ♫♪ }

You know that song 
♫ You make me feel like dancing by Leo Sayer? ♫

Well, with a little switch-a-roo of lyrics, this is the song that is going through my head, 
all the live long day (several days for that matter) because...
Drum roll, please
We are dealing with a bit of this in our house at the moment:
Photo via web
2 of my 5 kiddos have this...
It makes me itchy just thinking about it.
(which is awful because I think about it all the stinking day long!)
It also makes me feel dirty for some weird reason.

Hey? Maybe it's because we have a 

I'd like to take this moment and personally say thank you.
Thank you, to whomever it was that shared this;
 With us & our county, yes I said COUNTY!
Seriously, you rock.
(no, not you Christian D.)

Well, off I go to wash my hands for the 964,541,235th time.

For your viewing pleasure:
I know, it's freaking awesome right!
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

{ Update Much? }

Yup, I am still here, and have decided to take a little different route as to my way's O' blogging. 
Hopefully, what I have in mind will feel like less pressure. 
I always feel, if I blog it has to be this great project or amazing craft. 
I just can't do it.
 So, it's back to the basics with my blogging.
Will there be a project all the time? 
Probably not.
Will there be more updates even if they are short snippets here and there? 
That is my hope.
Will, I still share crafts and decor ideas?



Thanks for hanging in there with me!
Okay, here I go!

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