Tuesday, July 31, 2007

{ Baby Countdown & Some Cuteness! }

It's official we only have 100 days give or take until the impending arrival of our new baby! I know it's going to be less than 100 as I always have my babies a little early. I think I may start freaking out here shortly because we are so not ready, we MUST finish or shall I say start the remodel on our bedroom and get all the boys moved around the list just keeps going. Oh well everything will work out in the end right? Time is just flying way too fast!
I also had to share the cuteness that I found while we were in Georgia. My sister in law Tia took me to a store called Meg Pie totally cute store and while I was there I happened to find this completely GIRLY PRINCESS pacifier holder.
I saw one of these back in April on one of my friends baby and asked where she got it and she got hers in Vegas, I have been looking for one since and low and behold as I was getting ready to leave the store I did another look through at their baby stuff and there it was sitting all by it's self-screaming for me to take it home - so I did. I LOVE IT!! It's even cuter in person, little baby girls always need some pretty bling. So thanks, Tia, I loved that store!
(This baby better be a girl) :)

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Monday, July 30, 2007


Holy Smokes!! I am so freaking tired. All we have done today is sort and de-junk. We had a dumpster delivered today so we could "clean" house. We are starting to remodel one of our back rooms which will become our bedroom so we did some serious purging today, my mother would be so proud. I guess you do collect alot stuff when you have 4 children & have been married for almost 13 years yikes!
Anyway that's what we have been up to today... Sorry no pictures, maybe as the room progresses but for now all you get is my mindless typing after a long hot day. Later! :)
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

{ I'm ready for my closeup Mr. Demille! }

Corbin has been starting this trend or shall I say a game that whenever I get out my camera & ask him to smile, he walks toward the camera looking straight at the lens all the while getting closer & closer making it very hard to get a good picture of him. I thought it was funny, but then again I am his mother & am just a wee bit partial.
This little man has quite a sense of humor! But ya gotta love those eyes and his slightly messy face..:)

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Lucky me! I get some quiet time!!

I managed to get Lloyd to take the boys to see Transformers at the Drive-In, Jentry & Parker wanted to see it anyway & I figured it would be nice for the boys to do something together besides work.
So I loaded them up with popcorn a ton of snacks & drinks and off they went! Brinley is in her room watching a Barbie movie and Corbin is in bed! Ahh I get some nice and quiet me time. I think I will pop in a movie that I haven't seen yet and just enjoy! Talk about a Happy Friday! :)
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Trying out new stuff!

Ok so I haven't posted any pictures today, but as you can tell my blog got a little more ehh... (hence the boring background) but I did add a new banner. I am still playing with things but this is what I have been up to today. Well that and pretending to be a mom...
I am so digital scrapin' illiterate!
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

{ Needing to be Rescued! }

So we had a wee bit of a scare with Mr. Parker today. 
Lloyd came home for lunch in the store car which is a Dodge Neon well, after lunch Parker disappeared I was getting some fudge bar's out for the kids to eat and asked where Parker was, Lloyd said he went outside so I asked him to go get him. Well, he didn't find him out on the trampoline so he yelled for him & ended up finding the boy IN THE TRUNK OF THE NEON!!! Keep in mind the high for today was 95. So Lloyd gets him out and the kid is literally soaking wet from sweat. Neither of us knows just how long he was in there, he wasn't crying but I think he was scared. Lloyd & I are both so thankful he was ok...
Apparently, he climbed into the trunk from inside the car, you can lay the seats down and have access to the trunk that way well, as he got in he decided to pull the seat back into place cause it was a cool little cave. This little event scared us to death (hello kids have been known to die in hot cars). None of our cars have trunks but we talked to all the kids about playing in cars - trunks or not & how you really shouldn't so, long story short---
kids do not play in cars!
Lesson Learned.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

{ Some down time...... }

Today for me is a blah day, (many of you that know me, understands what that means) there is no other way for me to describe it, and being really tired isn't helping. We had to run errands today and then both boys had soccer games so Lloyd took Jentry to his and I took the other 3 to Parkers. Talk about a smashing good time. So after Parker's game we went and picked up Jentry as Lloyd had a church mtg & we came home ate some dinner, then we or I decided to go to the park & let the kids run off the rest of their energy.. You would think they would have run it all out at soccer---- ya not so much. So here are some pictures from our evening at the park. Yes, it's boring but hey I blogged. Hip hip for me.......

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I Blog Not!

I'm here, I just don't feel like blogging right now. Just keep checking back.. :)
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Sunday, July 22, 2007


It's so nice to be home! I missed my kids, I missed my own bed, there is just something nice about coming home ya know? I have to say a HUGE THANKS to my mom for watching the kids all week. They kept her running, but she said she was able to keep up with them. :)
We made it home a little after midnight last night, not too bad for leaving Atlanta at 7:15 p.m. ya gotta love that time change. We were able to make it to church this morning well just to sacrament the kids were excited to see us again so we just took it easy this morning. Then after church we came home and I scored a 3 hr nap. I think I needed it. Oh and my HOLY SWOLLEN feet! Lloyd got out a bucket & filled it with ice & water and made me stick my feet in it.. I have to say it helped to take down some of the swelling at least a little bit of it. So now it's back to our summer soccer life and all the other things we neglected while we were away... So Thanks again Mom & Mike and Tia! It was fun!

Life goes on-Vacation's don't.
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Saturday, July 21, 2007

{ The Big Chicken KFC That Is... }

This is the "BIG" Chicken! I can now say I have truly visited the south. What's funnier is that it's beak and eye's move. Tia told us that people use it as a landmark when giving directions. Just turn at the big chicken...... Ya gotta love the Colonel! Yes, I know a dumb post but thought it was funny.
Oh and now it's Saturday the 21st & we are coming home! I miss my kids. We will be flying out of Atlanta at 7:15 pm and arriving in Boise @ 9:35, so it's going to be a long nice day! But I am prepared, I have my new Harry Potter book in hand so that should keep me entertained most of the flight. See you guys when we get home!
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The Georgia Aquarium

#1.Some jelly fish
 # 2. a freaking huge stingray
Some fish, don't remember names. The tank they are in holds 6,300,000 gallons of water. That's alot of freaking water!
These are Japanese Spider Crabs they were HUGE!
Piranha's, they never moved I swear! Can everyone say Darla!!
(toy story)
Mike & Tia took us to the Georgia Aquarium it was a huge place with the population of a small town inside all staring at fish and other forms of sea creatures. It rained or shall I say down poured most of the day & for the first time it was surprisingly cool but then the sun came out and then it was just HOT & HUMID! After the aquarium we went and dropped off the kids at Tia's parents and went to the Olive Garden for dinner, then a quick trip to the mall where I picked up some of my Bath & Body works lotion (thanks Hilary for introducing me to my new smell) then came back home and crashed. So that's Friday in a nutshell! :) Thanks Mike & Tia it was a fun day!
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{ ~The Georgia Berry's~ }

This is Miss Allie.
This is Mr. Hunter.
This is Mr. Spencer and Lloyd's Brother Mike.

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{ Heaven! }

It's like the mother ship calling me home....... 
Really need I say more? :)

Shopping day 7/19/07
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

{ Day O' Travel! }

We made it to Georgia! There is nothing like hitting 4 states in one day! We drove through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia! It's definitely more humid here than in Cincinnati. It's nice to see Mike & Tia and the kids again, the kids are getting so big! Here are some really boring pictures of our travels today they are no big deal but figured I would get them out of my hair so I don't have so much to blog tomorrow. Sorry for such a boring post. I'm tired. What else is new?
Corbin Tennessee reminded me of my cute little boy!
Really does this need an explanation?
Seriously why would anyone name a road this?
The Smoky Mountain's ( just a little bit of John Denver)
See told you it was boring.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

{ I'm in Skywalk heaven! }

So I have discovered the joy of the skywalk's that this city seems to have. You never have to walk outside in the heat! It's too bad I wasn't paying enough attention to take advantage of these yesterday! Yes, I am blonde (sometimes). Today was a good shopping day! Macy's was having a sale on their kids clothes, the racks are $4.99 and they are loaded. I got Levi's jeans for both Jentry and Parker for $4.99 each......I bought 7 pairs. I also bought shirt's for Jentry, Parker & Brinley & some other stuff as well. Basically spent $88.00 bucks for $375.00 worth of clothes. Hello, school shopping! Maybe the skywalk's are bad... I stayed out of the heat & actually had the energy to shop today! Tomorrow morning we check out @ 11:00 and are renting a car to drive to Georgia. So I will be blogging from even further down south! Blog at ya later! :)
Updated: While at dinner tonight the waitress was extremely friendly and told us about the observation deck on Carew Tower we are told it's the tallest building in Cincinnati. So we are going to splurge and spend a whopping $4 dollars to go to the top of the city. I should be able to get some cool shots from up there.

See you tomorrow Mike & Tia!
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Monday, July 16, 2007

{ Views from around town }

So we walked around after Lloyd got done with his meetings & had dinner at Skyline Chili was good, but mine was spicy! I think too many onions & I asked for light on the onions. But was still yummy. I figured while we were out I would take some random pics of the city well, at least 4 blocks of the city sorry folks my feet were killing me.

Thought Jentry & Parker would like these.

Couldn't go in there not enough cash, but how fun would it be to someday get something in the Tiffany Blue Box? :) Ya I know wishful thinking.
Fountain Square
Our Hotel the big Orange/Glass building which is hooked directly to Saks Fifth Avenue. You can get into Saks from inside our hotel.... Will not be shopping in there anytime soon, I don't feel like I would be dressed nice enough. :) I shop at T.J.Maxx, Wal-Mart, Target, you know normal people stores.
Other views from around downtown. 

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{ Our Cincinnati View }

So here is our view of Cincinnati from our room. Just thought I would try downloading a picture from my CF Card onto this computer (I have never done it before) looks like I was successful!. Today is very uneventful for me, Lloyd has been in meetings all day he should be back in 15 mins or so & I have not done a whole lot. I don't like roaming around a strange city alone...
I did go out around 1:00 and found a pretzel place called Auntie Anne's or something like that, had a pretzel for breakfast/lunch. Then I went to T.J.Maxx were I found my Perfume that I just ran out of & a little baby outfit got both for such a bargain. (Both places are right across the street from our hotel). I then came back to our room so I could rest & blog :), I think all our traveling has caught up with me & the time change doesn't help. Hopefully, I can get out and take pictures outside after I get a little rest. So that's all for now, later!
And when did my floating Widget baby get so big? Slightly Freaky!
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

We Have Arrived!

Ok this is going to be a short post as I am freaking tired & my feet are sooooo swollen, way too much sitting time today. But we got here at 8:20 est, I watched a lame movie on the plane- Blades of Glory- I could have done without that movie....... Interestingly enough it's a Will Ferrell Movie and lately I have thought all his movies are S.T.U.P.I.D.!! And this is another one to add to the freakishly dumb movie pile. Maybe I just haven't been in the right mood for his movies. I don't know.... I do find that happens sometimes. Everyone says a movie is great & I watch it and think ehh not so much, but I digress. Well need to go put my feet up (aka I get a foot rub) so I will talk to you all tomorrow. Pictures may be posted so keep a watch out! Goodnight!
P.S. The Humidity may kill me.......:)
Edited 7/16/07 I remembered the one Will Ferrell movie that I like---Elf---Thanks for the reminder Rebecca!
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Saturday, July 14, 2007


So Lloyd & I are leaving early tomorrow morning to go to Cincinnati Ohio/Georgia! Sounds like a party! I haven't packed a thing yet but it shouldn't take me too long as I only have 2 outfits I can wear right now. So on our way to Boise in the morning we or shall I say I am going to be a sabbath breaker and go visit an Old Navy to find a few extra maternity items to wear.
I am hoping to keep my blog updated as we are on our trip, Lloyd is taking the laptop so I can download all I want. So you will all get to see our fabulous "HUMID" trip as it happens. Should be a fun hot week!
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Feeling Blah

Today I am feeling very blah...... Things that are not helping are -- Being so extremely hot with swollen feet/everything, feeling tired all day (again the heat) the kids being bored out of their minds, but don't want to go out in the 99+ degree weather & I don't blame them, & I have been trying to clean the house the only thing I got done today was vacuum the living room and all the blinds & do the dishes. Oh & went to Jentry's soccer game it was nice and warm out. Those poor soccer playing kids!
I am trying to get everything prepared as my mom should be here on Saturday to watch the kids for the week (bless her) because Lloyd and I are leaving early Sunday morning to fly to Ohio (for work meetings) then on Wednesday we will rent a car and drive the 6+ hours to Georgia to visit his brother Mike & his family and we will come home on Saturday the 21st.
So here is a list of things I should be doing but am not because I feel blah, tired, & hot.
  1. Packing up our clothes
  2. Grocery shopping for the week we are gone
  3. Doing laundry
  4. Washing and changing all sheets (it's time)
  5. Cleaning the bathroom (I hate this job)
  6. Moping the floors
  7. Dusting everything
  8. Making a meal menu
  9. Typing up the kids schedule for the week
  10. Making up some meals to freeze

I am sure there are more things that I have forgotten about but, I sure it will come to me eventually. So cheers to my blah slump! I hope I am better tomorrow.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

{ A Date with Jentry! }

Well, Jentry & I decided to go and see the new Harry Potter movie today. We dropped the other 3 kids off at my friends Melissa's and went off on our Mom/Son date. It's nice to be able to do something with each of your children on an individual basis. He enjoyed the movie and I did too. I thought they did a good job with it. I would recommend to friends if you're a Harry Potter fan that is. Anyway was nice to get out of the heat for 2 1/2 hours & we had a great time. Thanks, Melissa I owe ya one.
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{ It's Hot In Mexico }

Yeah, it's way too warm here! 
The temperature is supposed to be between 96-101 today & it's supposed to be this hot for a while. I hate the heat especially right now - can you say swollen feet? 
I decided to try and Visually cool off by looking at pictures of our trip to Mexico this past February. Someday I promise I will post our vacation......

The 1st photo is our view of the ocean from our room. The other photos are the massive hotel we stayed in and the beach. 
Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Mexico isn't looking so bad right about now.......

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Monday, July 09, 2007


Seriously why are my kids always better for someone else? 
I have yet to figure that out, but when I do........ 
Anyway this past weekend has been a long one. 
Kids have been fighting & a ton of tattle telling has transpired, so much that I am ready to commit some sort of "Stay At Home Mom" crime. 

I hope this week goes better, our soccer games officially start this evening at 6:00 so maybe it will help that they will be able to run off some of their "negative energy". 
We shall see...
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Friday, July 06, 2007

{ Celebrating the 4th of July 2007 Style! }

So we may not be the most fun of parents but we did try to have a little fun on the 4th. Lloyd ended up laying flooring for his Aunt & Uncle as it was the only time he had available (how sad is that? & thanks Brent for helping) Anyway we had lunch with Aunt Maxine and Uncle Vic & our Cousins Brent & Donna & their 4 boys, then we took the kids swimming, let the kids play outside although Jentry was hiding out in the basement with the Nintendo to beat the heat :). Then being the faithful Mormon Families that we are, we had more food via la' BBQ. 
Then we set off fireworks in the driveway just about the same time the battery on my camera decided to die. But having homemade Huckleberry ice cream made up for the fact the camera was DOA. 
After the bag o' fireworks were gone we went up to the Stake Center and sat on the lawn and watched as the "big" fireworks were set off. It turned out to be a fun day & we were glad that we were able to spend some time with family on the 4th!

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