Thursday, December 04, 2014

{ Crafts From Christmas Past - Well, Last Years... }

I'm so going backwards here on the ol' blog. Please bear with me. :)
 Last year I had the bug to start crafting again, well I also was looking for a little extra Christmas cash. Mind you this was before I found I was pregnant with Ledger. So I asked my sweet friends if I could join them in their Christmas craft bazaar they have every year in their home and they said YES! Love you Penny & Sharae. So I popped online where I got a bit of inspiration (don't we all) from all the banners I've seen on Pinterest & Etsy and forged ahead and made some of my own. I also made 5 Ruffle Aprons, like the ones I made for teacher gifts a couple years back. I had already sold one to a friend who wanted a custom one made with Owl fabric for her mother as a Christmas gift. The aprons are totally inspired by Meg Duerksen she's pretty much awesome and so is her blog if you don't know who she is, you should really check her out! Someday I will go to one of her Craft Weekends.... Someday. Okay, Focus Rachel!

The day of the bazaar was good, I was totally BEYOND FREAKING out inside as I had just found out I was pregnant 2 day's prior on the 5th (insert denial here). I didn't breathe a word of my shocking secret to anyone and just tried to pretend like everything was all good and fine. I sold 2 aprons and 1 cardboard banner. I know, not the greatest in sales but it's okay, at that point I could have cared less if I sold anything. I ended up gifting an apron to my mamma for Christmas and the other hangs in my closet. After the sale I went home and added a white border along the bottom of the Merry Banner and LOVED it so much more maybe they would have sold better had they had a bit more "bling" to them. I may do it to the rest of them and try to sell them along with the lone apron. So there you have it, my ONLY crafts for Christmas last year.:) 

Sorry for my poor quality of pictures, each and everyone of them were taken with my super sweet cell phone! Sorry! 

And, here's my only apron left......

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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

{ Ledger Babe }

Just a quick post to try and get updated. You may see more of these just for the sake of getting Ledger at least a little bit up to date....
And YES, I'm a terrible blogger. I've come to grips with this very fact long ago... 

So BIG surprise for many of you that know us, Ledger was Jaundice, SHOCKER i know.....
 ALL 6 of my kiddos have been jaundice. We spent about a week in Hospital trying to get it under control. We dealt with this until he was about 2 months old. Seriously, it was never ending.

Finally home from the hospital, he's 8 day's old here and catching some rays.
9 days old, and we did LOTS of this...
We had his baby blessing on June 6th- not even a month old yet, but we had family come from Washington, Idaho, and Georgia. It was so nice to see family and for them to meet the new little man in our lives.  

The next day on June 2nd, my AMAZING friend Nanette threw me this fan-stinking-tabulous brunch baby shower, we had it the next day so family that came to the baby blessing could be here for the shower as well. Nanette went above and beyond. She loves a party and as you can see she is AMAZING! I told her she could throw all my kids birthday's and I would totally okay with it. 
 Thank you Nanette. WE LOVE YOU!

Then Ledger went and turned 1 month on me, JUST LIKE THAT! 
We had a little bout of baby acne, poor little dude was the only one of all 6 of my kids to ever get the stuff. Thank goodness it goes away on it's own. But man you feel so bad for them while they are going through their baby puberty. :)

2 months old -7.7.14 and sadly this was the best picture I could get of him. Not sure why.....
His little personality just cracks me up.
He's always had a thing with his mouth even before he was out of the womb, the proof is in the 3d- ultrasound video.
He hasn't changed.

We sure do love this boy! 

Okay, duty calls in the form of a crying babe and some sort of dinner that needs made.... 
Why must they eat EVERY DAY?  

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