Friday, November 30, 2007

{ It's So Quiet! }

So my brother David arrived here last night from Utah with his 3 boys and now they are gone with my 3 boys, well Lloyd, Jentry & Parker. They are headed to Tacoma Washington for a Football game
They will be home late tomorrow night. But I have to say with only 3 kids here and the 3 I speak of are all the youngest---my house is so nice and quiet. I love it.
I just popped some popcorn which we made into Carmel corn and we are now going to sit down and watch The Polar Express (DVD version), I know it's on TV tonight but I refuse to sit through commercials. Anyway off I go to have some bonding time with my kiddos..

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  1. Enjoy your evening! How do you turn that into caramel corn? Share!

  2. I love quiet houses. Right now I'm listening to Joe snore! We watched Polar Express tonight also but I slept through most of it and the kids fought off and on. I knew we should have just recorded it and let them watch it tomorrow! Oh well... Have a good night.

  3. Sounds like fun!! We had a pretty quiet evening ourselves. It's so peaceful with our Christmas lights on and just hanging out.

  4. that sounds so nice and relaxing.
    (ps. I'll finish the book today! and bring it to you tomorrow!) :)

  5. could your night sound any more perfect?! That is one of my favorite December activities.... Lucky you!

    Love the Christmas music!! Might copy you!


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