Monday, November 05, 2007

Still Here

Yes we are still up here at the Hospital. Thought I would update as some of you may be checking. They drew more of Addison's blood this morning at 6:00 and next thing I know they are coming back to our room to draw more. I guess the 6:00 am draw said that her levels were REALLY HIGH, they think that the draw was damanged something about damanged red blood cells.
The lab asked the lady who drew the blood if this baby was really yellow, she said in fact she was really pink. So they had to prick her heel and spend 15 mins trying to squeeze blood from her while she screamed her little head off.
Anyway I am just waiting for the new level results and also waiting for the Pediatrician. I will let you all know more later.
And wouldn't you know it, Addison's Dr. just came in and her levels are at 12.2 and he wants her to stay under the lights for today and do another blood draw at 5:00. Can I just say this is getting old. My poor Mom is so ready to go home as am I. Well gotta go and call Lloyd to let him know what is going on.
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  1. That sucks! Makes you wonder what the heck they did to her blood the first time? Do poor Addison have any blood left??? :)

  2. Yeah the blood cells can get damaged with squeezing and such so that makes sense. ORRR something happened on error of the tech or lab, blood was dropped etc and they make excuses that sound good to the parent for reason of having to do this again. Trust me i know having drawn blood for years the things that go on and the things people say. We'll pray for her in our evening prayers which will be about 8 aka 5 your time and hopefully that draw will be good news. And YES i check back for updates so thanks for doing that.

  3. I am sure glad you have this blog so I can find out what is happening. Hope things get better for y'all. Glad the little lady is finally here.

  4. Wow, both of you have been through alot so far haven't you. I talked to mom yesterday to see how you were doing, And I check your blog daily. Mom got your balnket done and it is beautiful, (i think) it might just get to your house before you do. Take care. Ray says congrats too. Angie


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