Saturday, November 03, 2007

{ Addison Day 3 }

I figured I would post pictures as I go. These are from 2 days ago.

Anyway I came home last night and died. I was SO TIRED! I am talking extreme exhaustion I think my 4 maybe 5 hrs of hospital sleep caught up with me. I went to bed last night at 11:00 and Addison only woke up I think 2 times, so not too bad. Then we got up at 7:30 and I fed her again and then we came back to bed till like 11:20. She & I had lunch and the now I am sitting in my bed surfing while Addison is suntanning in her crib. I did manage to get my checkbook balanced and look at every body's blogs and now updating my own. Addison has been a very easy going baby so far. She really doesn't cry much, only when she is hungry or cold.

Oh and for those of you who didn't know my Mom has been here since 10/30. She came down when I told her I was going in on the 31st instead of the 1st. She is going to stick around until Monday after Addison's Dr. appt. to find out if she has to go back into the hospital for more photo therapy. So I will know more on Monday for sure. But it sure is nice having her help. I am sure she is ready to go home because she is tired too, but Lloyd has been trying to help by taking Corbin with him to give her a little break. In fact I just sent Corbin & Brinley outside to help Lloyd and Jentry in the yard (Parker is at a b-day party) Mom is watching The Lake House. I told her to put her feet up. Oh and speaking of Corbin, he still is a little unsure of Addison, I finally got him to kiss the top of her head today and hold her for about oh....30 seconds. I think he is still trying to figure her out. But he kissed and held her with a smile on his face so I think he's coming around to the fact that the pecking order has changed a little around here. :)
Oh and some great no FABULOUS news for me. I got on my scale this morning to weigh myself and have already lost 20 pounds! :):) 
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  1. I am loving it. She looks like your other ones. I get to live through you and my friend who was also due on the 4th and had her daughter on the 31st. Oh ya you've been tagged. It is a different tag. You don't have to do it because I know that you don't have anything else to do. Presents are on the way. I am trying to make her present by myself so we will see. Hope all is well.

  2. She is so beautiful!!! Good luck, and I hope you get enough rest!!!

  3. That one with lloyd holding her looks like she is smiling! It's funny to see jentry holding her, my goodness, remember when jentry was the baby and the only! Where do the years go! :)

  4. aw... she's making me baby hungry! I'm not supposed to get baby hungry!

  5. She looks really good. But then I didn't see the yellow tint the night she started her sun tanning! I'm glad Corbin is coming around. I'm sure Brinley is in HEAVEN!!! I'm glad you're getting some much needed sleep. There's nothing like having your own bed to sleep in! :)


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