Sunday, February 28, 2010

{ Dating Ikea }

That's right I have a date with our "Local" Portland Oregon IKEA TOMORROW!!! I figure our date will start between 12 or 1, gotta love that 4 hour drive. :)
No kids, only my Mom & I then I am making a stop to visit one of my best-est friends "Ellen" whom I haven't seen in years!! I'm leaving early in the morning so I better get some shut eye!
Now where did I put that GPS????

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Friday, February 26, 2010

{ Calling All RC Willey Locals }

If you have been to an RC Willey lately and have seen, touched, or sat on these couches could you PLEASE tell me what you think of them.
I know, how can I possibly have more couch question's right? It's a long story but I will tell about it later. Lets just say the only furniture I have in my living room at the moment is a rocking chair.
Here are the links to the Couch & Loveseat.
The closest RC Willey to me is 2 1/2 hrs away so I need some help and if you happen to have any info for me, I'll love you forever!!!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

{ My New Furniture }

Well here they are! No this is not my house, for some reason my living room always has toys on the floor, so I have yet to get a great picture of them in my home.
BUT I WILL! I love the curves of these couches soooo much!
I really wanted to go with the leather but they sadly were out of stock.
The Ikea Slip covered ones I had talked to a couple of my friends about and my friend "Ellen" lives right next to Ikea in Portland and she said they are low to the ground.
The low to the ground bit had me scared. I have 10 foot ceilings and I kept picturing Hobbit Furniture in my house.

I am now searching for an Accent chair, I'm thinking this chair may be where my slip cover wishes come in. I promise to post a picture of my living room when I get all the stuff back up on the walls as we did some rearranging.
The throw pillows have the same fabric as the couches just on the other side, I tend to have those facing out more. Not sure how the print shown in the pictures is working for me. I suppose I need to go fabric shopping in the home decor isle as Joann's.
Well the natives are speaking to me in fluent WHINESE so I better get a couple of them down for naps.
Have a Fabulous Thursday!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

{ New Furniture? Why Yes I Think I Will }

Yup that's right ladies I went shopping!!!
I bought locally (go me) but I didn't buy anything on my wish list... All of your advise was taken into consideration though, I don't want you to feel like I ignored it. But I couldn't take it anymore, so Friday aka tax refund day I whipped out my check book and made a purchase. I promise to get some cool pictures up soon, but I'm in the middle of getting a soap order all bundled up... Yes you read that right - a soap order. I am making my own laundry soap. I feel so pioneer-ish! But hey, for 3 cents a load you can't go wrong.
I'll be back soon with pictures. But here's a teaser I'm know I'm just awful! :)

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Friday, February 19, 2010

{ Fun Target Find }

Thanks to my Fabulous MOM who spoils me rotten, I now own this product and
She gave it to me when we were in Tri-Cities last weekend and I think I may have her get me a couple more. If you like the way the Bath and Body Works Store smells, then this Glow Lotion is for you. Plus you get a little glittery shine to boot, not glittery like you just helped out in your child's 1st grade classroom. It's a subtle glittery glow.
I even love the Retro box! I am a lover/collector of new perfumes and lotions so this is right up my alley. Just though I would share the fun find.
She also bought me this dress, she got it for a steal-only $1.25. The funky print just speaks to me. Now should I wear it with heels, flats, boots? 
Thanks mom I love my stuff and I love you!
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

{ Smile }

This is what I am trying to do right now........

Photo by dotbenjamin
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

{For The Love Of Fine Furniture }

See the couches in this 2004 photo?
(don't mind the unfinished is finished so don't worry)

These are what we currently have 
(I know, I know what was I thinking with the Mission Style back in 95'). 
Sadly these have seen better days. 14+ years & 5 kids later they are showing their age. As with any aging process her springs are starting to show like wrinkles on a 100 year old face. And gravity is starting to take over and there's some sagging in her pillows & cushions......
So I am on the hunt for a good set of Furniture.
Do I want Leather? Slip covers? There are too many choices! I know all of you fellow
bloggers out there have a few opinions on this subject so
PLEASE share any Furniture Tips you may have!!

These couches & chairs are from IKEA, yes they have slipcovers (bonus) and I love the look of them alot. I found the same type of couches from Pottery Barn &
JC Penney's that have rave reviews but my pocket book doesn't love the rave as much as I do. So I would compromise with these instead. But in order to compromise I would have to travel to Portland 4 hrs away to our "local" Ikea.

But then I'm swayed by Leather and it's long life.... And these I could get for the same price as the Ikea set, thanks to a lovely furniture connection my hubby has & they can be delivered to my door no travel needed! :)
Oh what to do..... Come on ladies help a girl out, I need advice!

PS. Am I the only one who finds Blogger take FOREVER to publish my post?
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

{ A Little Bit Of ♥ Goes A Long Long Way }

I won these super cute LOVE blocks from my friend Tausha! Go check out her Store she has some cute stuff in there! Thank you Tausha.
My find from Wednesday!

I was asked how to make ♥HEARTS♥ in blogger, just type..& hearts;
Only don't add the space between & and hearts; it's all one word, hope that makes sense.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

{ Tutorial- A Valentine Fabric Heart Candle Stick }

Valentine's Fabric Heart Candle Stick
I was doing my visiting teaching a few weeks ago and saw a candle stick like this at one of my gal's homes. 
I thought it was cute enough to reproduce and this is what I came up with.

1. Supplies: Dollar Tree Glass Candle Stick Holder, Scrap Fabric, Old Buttons, Lace, Glue gun, Fiberloft Stuffing, Sewing machine, Embroidery floss, Ric Rac, (you can use what ever you want) & Tea for staining.
1. Free hand a heart on your fabric and cut out. I used a fabric pen to draw on my fabric. MAKE SURE YOU WIDEN THE BOTTOM OF THE HEART so it will fit over the rim of the candle stick holder. As show in below photo.
2. Sew around your heart, then clip all your curves.
3. Tea stain and then stuff your out (pun intended).
Cheesy I know, but it's late.
4. Then baste stitch with 6 strands of embroidery floss around the base of your heart. I only used 4 but recommend 6, I'm just saying....
5. Hot glue a little stuffing in your candle stick holder.
6. Then put your stuffed heart on the candle base and pull your basting strings to tighten fabric around neck of candle stick. Tie it off tight. I would have added a picture here but sadly I only have 2 hands.
I even added a little dab of hot glue to make sure my knot wouldn't go anywhere. Then cut off any excess fabric below your knot.

7. Next hot glue - Tea Stained lace (or ric rac) around base to hide your fabric line. Next time I will not make the lace tight around the base I'm going to make it Pleated.
You know, a dab of glue, pleat, a dab of glue, pleat... Pleat and repeat. :)

7. Cut out another smaller & hand stitch around it, then attach to main heart with hot glue, because you know everything is better with glue.....
8. And last but not least sew on a few buttons and you are done!
Total cost for my Heart Candle Stick: Around $2.00 if that. :)
I plan on making at least 2 more, but using different heart shapes so they will all be at different heights.
Sorry if this isn't much of a tutorial, I hope you could understand the steps as I'm pretty sure they are as clear as mud.
Okay I'm all ♥'ed out, I better catch some shut eye!
Have A Happy Thursday!

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Friday, February 05, 2010


This is why I love blogging! I found this QUICK and CHEAP Valentine Craft idea on Melissa's 320 Sycamore blog this afternoon. Cost for framed decoration $1.30 (I used scrap fabric & my teeny scrabble tiles my big ones wouldn't fit)
plus it only took 15 minutes -- if that. Thanks Melissa!

sorry about the ick picture it's dark here.....
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{ Shop Ahead For Mothers Day! }

Do you think I'm early enough for Mothers Day? :)
I decided I need to get these going, that way I'm not freaking out a month & a half before the Holiday arrives. So if you need a gift for your Mother/Grandmother or just want one for yourself, head on over to my Etsy Shop and nab one or two if you like!

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

{ Toddler + Quiet = Trouble }

Combine This sweet face with:
And you end up with THIS
What a Little Stinker.....
Would you look at those fang teeth of hers. 
Maybe it was all that Twilight 
I read while I was pregnant with her. :)
Check back soon I'm working on a
Valentine Decoration Tutorial
that is
Quick, Easy & Cheap!!
My 3 favorite things.
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