Friday, January 30, 2009

{My New Old Doors}

Well, another project is finally done! 

Here is the Hutch with it's original screen door. Yes, it's cool and has family history behind it. BUT. It takes up so much room when it's open. 
I had a freaking brilliant idea while sitting and staring at the TV hutch one evening, I thought why not take a door and cut it in half. 
Here is the "new" door in it's original state. Don't mind the dust.
 And it was FREE!
Compliment's of this neighbor who didn't know the kind of treasure they were giving away. Thank you very much!
During the "painful" paint stripping days.... Oh the humanity! I think this would be a good job for the convicts in prison, trust me it's punishment.
After the prisoner finisher her job.
I painted her black and added these fabulous knobs that I got at a yard sale YEARS AGO for $1.00, I do love me some glass knobs.
All finished! I do love how it turned out, it seems more grown up to me. It is distressed the same all the way around but for some reason it's not picking it up in my photo. I'll blame it on the old farm house lighting.

Okay don't mind the little fingerprints all over the TV screen & the mess of toys, just proof that I have 5 kids and am keeping it real. :)

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

{ Vintage Baby Quilt }

It's done! I actually FINISHED making it! I'm pretty proud of myself as I think it turned out pretty darn cute & that it only took me a couple day's working on it here and there.
The quilt kit came from Quilt Taffy I think I'm going to make another but I want to make a twin size for Brinley. Don't know if it will work or not as that's a whole lotta fabric to be wrestling with while trying to stitch it all together.
Sigh.....decision's are the worst! :)

Edited: The Fabric used for this quilt was from 
April Cornell's Poetry collection.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

{A Little Of This & A Little Of That}

Just a catch up post here as I have been a bad blogger lately, and sadly I haven't been super busy just feeling tired and sore, thanks to my not sleeping at night and then working out yesterday on the darn elliptical and it's evil resistance levels.
I still think the elliptical makes a great coat rack, as a matter of fact that is it's other job! ;)
The birthday's went off without a hitch it was very low key this year. For Jentry's we had pizza with 3 friends & had a galactic good time with all things Star Wars. Ya gotta love boys who eat drink and breath all things George Lucas!

Then for Brinley's she choose to eat her birthday dinner at McDuck's aka McDonald's or as Corbin affectionately calls it Old McDonald's. :) She is now the proud owner of some new Littlest Pet shop creatures and loves them.
La' Heart Party!

Then yesterday I decided to get a little craftiness going and made a Valentine Tutu for Addison. I am hoping to get her some baby legs made & then I'll take some pics. I have such sad pathetic sewing skills so don't look too close.
And while all the above was going on we (as in Lloyd and I) have been stripping paint off of the "new" doors for the TV hutch and we still have a ways to go but it's getting there.

Can I just say that I would rather give Birth to Triplets naturally than strip paint. Next time we are just going to buy a new door and distress the crap out of it to make it look old. Paint stripping is just not for me....

lesson learned!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

{Lucky #7}

Our Brinley Boo is 7! I was so excited when she was born finally a sweet little girl after 2 cute boys. She weighed 8lbs on the spot and of course was Jaundice as all my little bumble bee's are!
Brinley is the BEST helper ever, and this girl LOVES to clean. I can always find her making a bed or helping clean a room. She loves going to school and is a great little reader. She's into all things Polly Pocket and she is a lover of shoes and bags I have taught her well. She's ever so sweet and I hope she never changes!
Here she is this morning in her shirt I made her last night. Don't mind my house lighting... :) Well off I go to make a cake, she has requested a heart themed party it should be fun. I'm just glad we are going low key this year.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

{An 11th Birthday}

Yup I'm officially getting old my firstborn is 11 years old today. 
How is the baby that we tried so hard to have already 11? 
This boy is just like his mom in attitude and well many other traits, lets just say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :). 
But I wouldn't have him any other way.
Jentry has always been the boy who is sensitive to other kids who might not get played with and is happy to be their friend. He's an excellent helper at home and is turning into to quite the young man. Before we know it he will be asking for the keys and then heading out on his own.
Happy Birthday Jentry we hope it's a great one love you Bud!
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Monday, January 12, 2009

{Cheeky Monkey}

Well she's done! She's not perfect but dang it I actually finished it. Granted looking back there are thing's I would do differently while putting her together but she's going to have to do. Dang me and my pattern following ways.

Are you looking at her bum? Cheeky Monkeys! ;) Ahh SNL the good ol' days. Ya gotta love a little monkey tattoo.
Addison seems pretty happy with her new Molly Monkey even if it was intended for Christmas.
And in the middle of all my monkeying around I made a couple flower's for one of my Visiting Teaching ladies. She was gone on her birthday so I am going to sneak these over to her.
Well I had better get off of here. I must prepare for Jentry's birthday which is tomorrow, then Brinley's birthday is on Friday.
So brace yourself for a bit of birthday overload, I'm so not ready and this no horse town that I live in isn't helping one bit. Do you think I can find Star Wars figurines anywhere around here, well at least the ones he wants. Dang that Christmas holiday that wiped every out & dang these local stores that refuse to RESTOCK!!
P.S.~ If you would like to make a Molly Monkey of your own just click this link HERE and print off the pattern for yourself it's FREE!!
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Monday, January 05, 2009

{Snow Day & A Craft}

Thanks to the Blizzard like weather we have been having my kids had a snow day today, yes they all stayed home and cabin fever has officially set in. 
To help contain what little sanity I have left I decided to make 2 loaves of homemade bread and this cute little flower pin. I was thinking of maybe making up a few and putting them in my Etsy shop. They would be cute on a shirt, pony tail holder, purse whatever!
Yes I know shameless plug for my Etsy shop but what are ya gonna do. :)

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

{Notes To Daddy}

Well it's official I'm a single mom. It's freezing cold here and windy as all heck. Lloyd left late this afternoon and will return late sometime on Wednesday night. I hope he enjoys his 70+ degree Dallas Texas weather & his kid free time.
I'm sure he was sad to miss my gourmet dinner tonight that consisted of Hot cereal & toast and a glass of ice cold milk this evening. I do pull out all the stops you know.
School starts up again tomorrow Hallelujah, I just hope the power doesn't go out with all this wind, knowing my luck it will and there goes my alarm clock! Well I better get back to cleaning and putting stuff away. I'm hoping to do a little craft later tonight before I hit the pillow. I'll post it tomorrow if it turns out cute!
Anyway the following is a note from the kids to their dad.
Dad, we just wanted to say goodnight and that we love you. 
We cried when we dropped you off at Russell's (they cried for an hour). We hope you have a safe trip because we have to go sledding when you come back. Oh and Mom did read scriptures and say prayer with us tonight and guess what? Our room is still clean and we are going to try and keep it that way so you can see it when you come home we love you and miss you already.
I just had to post this of Miss Addison because Daddy really does ROCK!
Please excuse my gratuitous use of la' flash. I hate this house at night. Custom white balance my behind.......

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Thursday, January 01, 2009


Well 2009 has started off with a bang! 
We got another 8 inches of snow (now it's raining) then this morning at 4:30 a.m. Parker informed me that he felt like he was going to puke, and he did I guess he ate too much junk food last night :) 
Then at 6:10 a.m. our power went out, it was only out maybe an hour so it wasn't too bad. But when I got up this morning I had this gnawing feeling that if this is how the new year is going to start off whats the rest of the year going to be like? Should be a fun ride.
Now I need to do some flight of the bumble bee packing, we are headed to my parents today, my cousin Sarah who I took engagement pics for a while back is having her wedding reception in Tri-Cities so off we go!
Should be a fun quick trip. We'll be back on Saturday only to have Lloyd turn around on Sunday & leave me for 4 days while he goes to Texas for work stuff. Should be a flaming good time being a single mom of 5 and all..... Anyway I'll be back later!

Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve last night! Happy 2009!

Ps. The Christmas tree got "put down" on December 29th. May she rest in peace. ;)
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