Monday, November 05, 2007

The Waiting Game:

Well I am just waiting until 5:00 when they will come and draw some more blood for another Bili level test. Our Pediatrician said that if she is under 12 that we may get to go home. She was at 12.2 this morning. Then tomorrow we are suppose to come back to the hospital and have more blood drawn and immediately after that go to the pediatric clinic for her to have a check up.
My only concern is, if it we go home tonight and get her blood drawn in the morning and it goes up what happens then?
My mom would be gone & we would have to find somewhere for the kids to go as Lloyd has to go back to work tomorrow. Plus I would rather sit here another night to make sure that her levels are low enough not to worry about. Mercy, I know it's just the mom in me, but why do I worry so much about all the little stuff? Well, I'll post more in a while just had to do something I am sooooooo bored out of my mind. There is really only so much Internet surfing one can do during the day. Later:)
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  1. You worry so much because you're a mom! Plus your hormone levels are all crazy right now. If they aren't at least you have a good excuse to say they are. :) Hang in there!


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