Friday, November 09, 2007

Doing a little Happy Dance

Okay so I have to share as I am doing the happy dance and I am probably going to jinx myself & it will all come to a screaming halt but, I had to go to the store the other day and buy some cheap jeans as my others were far too big.
Well I am now wearing a size smaller than before I got pregnant!
So YEAH ME! That's all..
Sorry for the selfish post now back to the babies...
I will post pictures soon. Addison has her second PKU this morning at 11:00 so I need to hurry and get ready. Later :)
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  1. 5 Internet Explorer cannot...blah blah blah messages later and this is all I have to say- WAHOOO!!

    You know it's suppose to be weight gained from having a baby not weight loss- that' soooo not fair ;o).

  2. I agree with Bridget - so not fair!! But good job!


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