Tuesday, December 01, 2020


 So the holidays were a quick blur (am I alone here?) and having no snow made it just seem well, not as Christmasy if that makes any sense. 

But to help combat that - we decorate!! 

I should add, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas decor, it does seem to make everything around just a little more cheery. But, I also am a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas colors. Don't get me wrong I love a good neutral decor and have seen so many bloggers/Instagrammers with gorgeous neutral holiday decor. But there is just something about red and white that just gives that extra POP to our home. My home is a neutral palette for most of the year so why not go all out for Christmas. And yes, I even decorate our 1 lone bathroom. 

I DIY flocked my Christmas tree 3 years ago and I still LOVE it! I bought it from Wal-Mart back in 2008 on clearance, she has been a great tree for our small living room. She's skinny, tall and we have thoroughly enjoyed it every single year.

Wool Felt Balls from my Etsy shop are a must on our tree!

Ahhh these Felt balls are my favorite!

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Saturday, August 08, 2020

{ "New" Hairpin Leg Desk }

 So during the "plandemic" we found that we needed more workspace for our kiddos to do online school work and the only one without his own space was Corbin. So Brinley and I happened to drop by the thrift store to see what they had and I found this sad $3.00 desk for sale. I snatched it up as I couldn't pass up those hairpin legs and I knew we could make it look so much better. 

With a little scrap lumber, leftover stain, and some sanding it looks so much better and it's holding up great. We have since added handles to the drawer fronts.

 I'll have to see if I can get a better photo of it, but the boy's room only has 1 window and the lighting in their room leaves much to be desired. ;) 

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Monday, June 01, 2020

{ Brinley's High School Graduation }

 So this chicka graduated all whilst the world was dealing with the "plandemic".

Our high school did a drive-through graduation, Brinley to this day (I'm writing this in June 2022) still feels like she didn't graduate as it was so out of the norm of how graduation should go. Thanks, Covid... 

We had planned a whole party and invited all the peoples but with covid things got canceled. BUT, cute Jentry & Markelle surprised us all and showed up as a huge surprise. They made Brinley cry as she thought no one was coming. Grandma Merrill was also able to come. 

Here are a few shots from her "big" day. 


4 years at this High School and all she got was this stinking bag of trash at the end of the year. lol

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Tuesday, May 05, 2020

{ The Girls Bedroom Re-Fresh }

Remember me? So it's been a hot minute since my last post, life has a way of well, getting in the way and little things like blogs get pushed to the wayside. We've had lots going on the last several years, our oldest son went on a mission for our church for 2 years, came home, and was married a year later! I'll post more about that later. Kids have all been growing up and moving on. I think we blinked!!

But, back to business, since we've been on the worldwide COVID lockdown we decided to do a few home projects. Here is what we did in the girl's room, it's been years since I've shown their bedroom. I think the last time I shared it they had bunk beds, we built this iron pipe bed and ladder a few years ago, our oldest daughter is graduating this year (yay class of 2020) so Addison will be moving down to the lower bed when she moves out and we will have an extra bed for friend sleepovers! 
So without further ado ~ Here is their bedroom refresh. 

 We painted our oldest daughter's bed black. I bought this YEARS ago on a scrapbook retreat up in Joseph, Oregon.

 Finally finished underneath the top bed with a little faux shiplap, and behind Brinley's bed.
 We did the magic light trick with these lights above both the girl's beds. 
These fixtures used to be on our front porch!

All the bedding is mostly from Ikea, and yes the girls do have a closet, 
it's actually an old Garment Rolling cart that used to be in my grandparent's 
old grocery store. 
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