Thursday, November 01, 2007

{ Addison }

Here are some pictures from this morning. Just thought I would share. 
I love her little face! So sweet! But I am biased.

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  1. She looks sooooo cute with her eyes open, oh my gosh! It looks like the bruising has gotten better already. Have I said how cute she is, you did a great job with those genes of yours!

  2. Rachel she is beautifull!

    I thought about you all day today at work. Thanks for the phone call. I want to come see her.

  3. Very cute... I love the little mittens! They're my favorite for the first little while. :)

  4. What a perfect little face. ooh I just want to snuggle that baby. bundle her all up like a burrito and rock her in the rocking chair.

  5. I love the name too. Let me know for sure and I will get her blanket done. What would you like on it for a picture. I can't wait to hold her and love on her.
    the last anonymous was me Angie in prineville.

  6. She is beautiful! I didn't make it up to see her I feel so bad but maybe you will still be there so I may come up sometime if I can! Congrats Lloyd and Rachel!


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