Thursday, January 28, 2010

{The Ever Growing Crafty TO DO LIST }

Does anyone ever really catch up on their TO DO LISTS? I'm finding it extremely difficult due to all the incredibly cute stuff I keep finding all over blog land.
(all I have to say is Thank Goodness for Google Reader and it's ability to keep me updated on all my favorite blogs)
Here is what's new to the list as of yesterday:
1. I have to make 1 or 2 of these super cute Valentine chair backers from
Amy at: Our Scoop. She shares the tutorial and pattern on how to make them.
photo via our scoop
2. To help fill the chair backers I want to make these super cute Fabric Love Letter Envelopes. The tutorial is found over at the Moda Bake Shop.
photo via moda bake shop
3. I fell in love with this Re-purposed Woman's Sweater Turtleneck made into a Sweet Little Girls Cardigan, from Lindsay at The Cottage Home I love that she is reusing discarded items and making them into something so dang cute! I better get to the Thrift Stores so I can find me a cute wool sweater to transform.
Photo via The Cottage Home
I find it funny that I have all these sewing projects listed when I don't even really sew well. Looks like I better learn and quick!
And the Grand Daddy of all projects comes from Ana at Knock Off Wood. I am soooo in love with this Farm House Pottery Barn inspired bed. She even shares the pattern and DIY on how to make it. This blog I have a feeling is going to become a really good friend. Lucky for me my husband is more than willing & able to make this for me us, and at a cost of around $120.00 for the whole thing......makes it even sweeter! :)
Photo via Ana-White
There is more on my TO DO LIST but if I added them all to this blog post, it seriously would never end.
Have a Happy Thursday!
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{ Giveaway!!!! }

Okay ladies I have another little GIVEAWAY going on again, so hop on over to
The Dress Up Drawer for a chance to win these Pressed Peonies!

You can also sign up for the other super cute stuff that is being given away as well.
It's like a Giveaway Palooza over there, I love it!
Here's the link again: The Dress Up Drawer
Now go! What are you waiting for?
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{ ?'s = Answers --- Which ='s Enabling }

Okay I've had a few ?'s about where I got Brinley's dress for her Baptism. I got it off of good Ol' eBay of course. It came from Hong Kong (i know, i know) & took about 2 weeks to get here. I am VERY happy with the dress and so is Miss Brinley. In fact she wants to wear it to church every Sunday but I'm a kill joy and make her wear other things too.
The eBay dress link is HERE.
Yes I will be listing some CTR Towels in my Etsy store if anyone is interested. I'm a little nervous about trying to sell them but I guess you never know until you try. ;)
The scripture tote is coming I promise....... :)
And on a completely different note I have just recently watched these Movies & thought I would pass on my reviews!
Sherlock Holmes was AMAZING!!! I could so sit and watching this one again. I love the combination of Robert Downey JR. And Jude Law... This one I will be buying on Blu-Ray when it's released. Just watch it, it's soooo good!
This show was good and reminded me that I need to talk to my kids again about stranger danger even if it's someone you think you know.
Another good one for us Mom's/Wives/Friends! Loved the storyline, love the actors, love loved LOVED IT!
Although I think my favorite part in the movie is the relationship between the 2 friends aka Uma & Minnie. 
It reminded me that you do find lifelong friends along the way, who can forgive you if you've done something wrong unlike the fair weather friends who drop you like a rock at the first sign of turbulence.

I've learned this lesson very well over the past 8 months with a certain person whom I thought was a lifelong friend. Yeah.......not so much. 
When I see her now she treats me like I am cellophane but I still say hello to her regardless, because I'd rather kill her with kindness then to be so unforgiving.
It also confirmed how grateful I am to live my simple country life instead of living in a City... I lived in New York back in 93-94 & no offense to the City but I just could not handle the noise & fast paced everything 24/7. It's a place I to visit and hope to go again someday with my Hubster to show him the sights.
And speaking of Motherhood, I had better get back to mine.
Happy Tuesday!
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

{ Brinley's Baptism }

Last Saturday our Miss Brinley had her Baptism, it was really a wonderful & spiritual day. We had family come from Georgia, Idaho & Washington, plus an amazing turn out of all our local family and friends .
We are so proud of her and her decision to choose the right!
I hope to get some better pictures of her in her dress, the lighting up there is just terrible!
And speaking of all things baptism, I made 2 more towels for 2 sweet girls who had their baptisms yesterday! And last night I made Brinley a Scripture tote bag that I'm trying to decide if I should share or not..... I've never claimed to be a seamstress so I'm a little nervous to post a picture of it. We'll see. :)

Edited to Add: I totally forgot to give credit where credit is due, shame on me I know! The inspiration for Brinley's Invitation came from my Blog Friend Sarah I hope she doesn't mind that I totally used her idea! She is super sweet and take amazing pics so be sure to check her out! 
Thanks Sarah, I hope I'm forgiven! :)
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Sorry for the delay I know I was supposed to post this yesterday but I pulled a muscle in my neck last Thursday carrying tiles into church for a craft I was helping with & have been trying to recoup ever since....... aka basically laying low with my rice pack.

About the giveaway, can I just say 399 comments!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect that kind of number! So Thank you, and NEVER FEAR there are MORE GIVEAWAYS COMING!

So without any further adieu.......

The family stitchery winner is..............

3LittleByrds # 365

Debbie just shoot me an email & we can discuss all the details of your stitchery!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


How do you ladies feel about a Family Stitchery giveaway?!? This will be the first time I have ever given one of these babies away!
These can be customized to your family. I will stitch up to 7 people (pets count as people too) it will come framed and ready to be displayed.
Here are the rules----I'll keep it simple.....
For 1 entry-Leave a comment!
For 2 entries-Tell me you are a Follower or Become One!
For 3 entries- Post this on your Blog, Facebook whatever but be sure to tell me about it!
Giveaway will close on the 19th!
These can also be found in my Etsy Shop HERE
I'll see you all next week, I'm spending the rest of the week with my family as it's Jentry 12th & Brinley's 8th Birthday!!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

{ CTR Towel Quick Tutorial }

I got this fabulous little idea from my Friend Hilary's blog- sorry ladies she's private, but she is ever so crafty and just as nice on the phone as she is on her blog! So Thanks Hilary!! With Brinley's baptism this coming Saturday I thought this would be a fun little gift for her. I made a second for our cousin's little girl who's baptism is the next day.

Supply list:
White Bath Towel
fabric of your choice
(I would stray away from prints with white, makes it hard to see on the towel)
Wonder Under
Sewing Pins
Sewing machine
CTR Pattern is just a Coloring Page, just Google it to find one and print it out.
Baptism Towel Poem- link- HERE

These would even make a great birthday gift with their name or shape on it
(princess crown, truck whatever!)
Oh the possibilities are endless!

1. Iron the Wonder Under to the wrong side or your fabric.
2. Then pin your pattern to your fabric and cut out.
3. Peel off paper backing and iron pattern onto towel.
4. Stitch around entire pattern.
5. Done!! I love quick and easy gift/crafts!
Here is the link to the Poem that I used to attach to our towels.

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

{ Ask & Ye Shall Receive! }

We talked about putting in a new pantry on the 1st and my husband went and bought the supplies on the 2nd and look what I have today! We have never had a pantry so having one now is a luxury in this old farm house. I need to go shopping for a new (used but new to us) door. We put the old one back on but I think it needs a change. Don't mind some of the pictures it was late and dark.
Our "front" door to our home is sadly enough in the laundry room. Talk about airing your dirty laundry when people come to visit! 
And in the laundry room there are 2 doors, one that leads to the dining room/living room which is just to the left of the door shown & this door which leads to the kitchen.
We NEVER use the kitchen door so we decided it was time to put that space to use.
So enter our first project of 2010!
Framing is done!


And we have a pantry. We still have to put up some base moulding but I'm so excited about my new space. I love my handy husband!!
I have to say this is the best 100 bucks we ever spent!
Now I get to tear down the rest of the wall paper in the laundry room and then the kitchen (which I've already started if you can see that in the pic). Should make for a fun spring huh!? It's going to be the year of the inexpensive remodel. Don't worry I'll keep you in the loop of how things are progressing.. ;) Well, I better get back to finishing up Brinley's baptism stuff.
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Friday, January 01, 2010

{ Photo Of The Day }

This is all I can say that I accomplished today. 
The Christmas tree is put away for yet another year and our house is slowly looking back to normal. 
I had a twinge of sadness putting the tree away as I found the holiday just came and went a little too fast for my taste. 
Don't get me wrong I am happy to be done with all the holiday "stuff". 
But it zoomed by so quickly.
Now we get to move onto birthdays & a baptism in just a couple weeks. Tomorrow I hope to get one of Brinley's baptism items checked off my list. I'll be sure to share.
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