Friday, November 02, 2007

{ She Has Jaundice...I Figured As Much }

Update: So they checked her Bili levels this morning and they went up to 10.6! So we don't get to go home this morning. I am so in need of clean pj's and some more clean clothes and well I just want to get out of this joint. I am basically ready to be checked out we are just waiting on her levels to get a bit lower. They are going to draw more blood at 5:00 to see if she is doing anything and if she is then great we go home, otherwise it's another night in this room.
I'm tired, this bed is TERRIBLE and my eyes hurt from living in this Blue Day Glow Room. I think I need my sunglasses at night so I can see.
I know your all most likely sick and tired of reading about baby posts but when your stuck staring at the same 4 walls for days there really is nothing else to talk about. Sigh... Well I'm off to try and sleep that is until a nurse comes in AGAIN. Later. ;)
Oh this lovely little thing called-- Jaundice!
I knew we would be way too lucky to escape this part of us having a baby. At least this time they are starting her under the lights before we even leave the hospital.
Usually we go home for 1 night and have to bring the baby back the next day to have the lab draw blood to test their levels and then they call us about an hr later saying you need to come back in so your baby can "bake" a little more so then we spend another 2-4 more day's in the hospital. 
Can you tell we have done this now 5 times! But anyway,
last night Lloyd and I were looking at her and he made the comment that she was looking more yellow than the last time he had saw her, & I thought so too. So I went as asked the nurse to check her levels and she said they were going to wait until this morning to do it but went ahead and checked her last night to make us feel better.
I'm glad they did.
Her levels yesterday morning were 6.5 and last night they were 9.6, and our Pediatrician happened to be here last night & decided that she should start her tanning process now instead of later. Hopefully we have caught it early enough that we will get to go home soon. So here she is in all her Tanning/Yellow Bumble Bee Glory.

More to come later.
P.S. I am so exhausted I think I have had 4 hrs sleep total in the last 2 nights.
And thank you so much Melissa. You know why. :)
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  1. Aw! We had the wallaby blanket at home with Nicholas but escaped this with Macy. Hopefully getting on it early will get you home sooner.

  2. Well I am glad they put her in the oven earlier so she will hopefully be done sooner! Good luck getting some rest before you go home.

  3. frankly, I'm a little jealous of her! Hanging out under some nice warm lights with sunglasses on! Sort like she's a the beach or something! ;)

    No really, I hope the lights work fast so you can go home!

  4. I'm glad you didn't have to do your usual go home - go back. How are you holding up?

  5. You're welcome and it was fun to visit. My fingers are crossed that you'll be home shortly!

    She's so cute with her little binkie and gloves on!!! :)

  6. Hi, good luck with the bakin';) And get some sleep young lady (I know - yeah right) good luck anyways.

  7. It is a good thing that you had her checked. Mother's know best. Anyway, I have been sharing your pics with everyone here in Prineville. They all say she is beautifull. The sunglasses are too cute.

  8. oh, she already takes a binky. sweet little baby. I hope they can get that under control.


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