Friday, November 02, 2007

{ HOME! }

Well we get to go home, she still is jaundice but we are going to keep her by a window all day tomorrow & hopefully she will pee/poop good too as that will help, plus i believe that we are officially on with breastfeeding my body seems to be doing it's job finally so I hope that with her feeding it will help her jaundice go away. We are to take her to the pediatrician on Monday to get an jaundice checkup/update so we will know more then. But I will continue to post more pictures this weekend. 
Well gotta get my stuff gathered together so we can get the heck outta here!
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  1. Welcome home! There's that cute outfit you had posted in another post. Hopefully you get some sleep this weekend! How much time does Lloyd have off? Is your mom coming?

  2. Ok i checked out the other baby photos and i'd be hooking addison up with warren or gregory. They are both cute! You have the cutest girl tho hands down!

  3. Yeahhhhh! I'm so glad you get to go home. Now let's just hope that you get to STAY home! :)

  4. she is very, very cute! I'm so glad she got to go home with you. Hopefully she'll get over the jaundice (I have no exp. w/ Jaundice).

    Hope you're feeling good!

  5. I was going to come visit you today at the hospital, I should have gone yesterday! Her going home outfit is so cute.


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