Wednesday, September 30, 2009

{ The Halloween Bug }

Well it's officially fall.... There is a cool nip in the air & the leaves are starting to fall from the trees (well at least they are at my house). You will be happy to know that I took all of your advise at giveaway time and put up most of my Halloween decor (that night :) & I it!
So I thought I would show you a few pics to at least prove that I do a little more then just canning!
Shield your eye's the red table is offensive & will be painted. Someday.......
The Pumpkin I got at our Church's Free Market this year.
Every year I try and pick up something new to add to my Halloween Decor pile (like I need more) and this year I hit the Jackpot at Safeway of all places, where I found these 3 cuties! I do love me a cute Halloween bobble head. ;)

Even my Desktop has a little Halloween spirit!
Well I better start planning a birthday party for my Corbin. His b-day is on the 6th but we are going to party it up on Sunday! Then we have Addison's Birthday on Halloween. It's going to be a fun filled October.
Have a Fabulous Wednesday!

You can get the Free October Desktop that I have on my computer by clicking here!
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Friday, September 25, 2009

{ Pressing Cider }

How do you make this into 88 Gallons of cider?
 You Gather your Family & Friends and a trusty Cider press
And set to work!

We ate lots of yummy food with a side of Cider no less.

posted because they are so darn cute!

Having Apple sorters are a must!
 Working into the night
The final tally: 88 Gallons
85 are pictured as we drank 3 while working.
Yes we are a bunch of lushes. :)
But it was oh soooooo good.

As of Wednesday I canned 12 gallons with 6 more in the freezer. You know what we will be drinking for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner! 
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Monday, September 21, 2009

{ La Winner! }

Which means......

Your little Elise is going to look soooo cute!!
Belinda just email me at with your contact info.
if I don't hear from you within 3 day's I'll redraw.
Thanks for all your comments on the Fall decor my house is brimming with all things Halloween and I LOVE IT! I'll post pics soon, right now I have to go make 70+ jars of canned stew. 

Have a Fabulous Monday!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

{ Bad Blogger = Giveaway! }

Yup I'm having some complete blog guilt at the moment. I have been so busy canning these past few weeks that I feel know my blog has been neglected. So to help spread some Halloween cheer and possibly keep at least a couple of you coming back I'm giving away one of my Halloween Peony Hats! Just leave me a comment & tell me I'm not crazy for wanting to put all my Fall decor up already.

I'll draw a name on Monday!
And if your become a follower I'll put you in for 2 chances for to win.
If you want 3 chances to win
I triple dog dare ya to post this giveaway on your blog! :)

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

{ Happy Birthday }

Happy Birthday to my Hubby
It's his 39th today and it's all good!
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Friday, September 11, 2009

{ We Remember...}

No Craft or Decor project today,
This is much more important.
Photo via
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

{ Apple Bonanza }

We went to Tri-Cities on Monday and picked a bunch of apples, we came home with 1025 lbs. of FREE Gala Apples it's amazing what you can fit in an Excursion! We picked at a commercial orchard that was hit with a small hail storm making the apple un-sellable. We gave a ton of them away to family & friends who are now making applesauce & pie filling, dried apple slices basically everything apple. And these Apples are delicious in fact the applesauce that my friends are making doesn't even need sugar. So you know these babies are yummy!! I can't wait to can mine.
Look at this tree! All of the trees in this orchard are LOADED!

 Thanks Dad for all your help we really appreciate it!

Oh and I have to Thank Bishop K for my Post Title.... It's just ever so fitting. :)

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

{ My Peaches, My Motherboard..... }

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been up to my armpits in peaches (pun intended) Canning them, making jam, freezing slices for pies, smoothies, cobbler you name it.

And while I have been canning my computer has been getting a much needed update. Thanks to my computer smart husband she's getting this new motherboard and a bunch of other technical stuff that I don't understand. But what I do understand is that she is going to be FAST!! 
So now photoshop and lightroom will take me no time at all. 
I'm looking forward to when he comes out of the office and tells me that she has survived her surgery and is better than ever. ;)

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

{ I Love That Yellow Bus }

School started yesterday and EVERYONE was excited.
We had fabulous summer & I love my kids but I think we had had all the ''family bonding'' that we could possibly stand.
Heck after this summer I vote for year round school! And I know this is going to sound terrible but I never get sad or teary eyed when my kids go back to school (does
that makes me a bad mom or something?)
Alright, maybe when I shipped them
off to kindergarten my eye's might have leaked a little,
but I am always super excited for the the new year/new teacher/new stuff they are going to learn. We started off our morning with a super
cough nutritious breakfast of Cinnamon Rolls & OJ (the juice, not the actor) 
The meal was requested by the 3 below.
I always offer them their favorite breakfast & 
dinner for the first day back to school. Dinner was Pizza Spaghetti.
I'm a terrible School mom I cheated and used Rhodes Rolls. Shhhh don't tell. :)

My 6th Grader 
(who now goes to the Middle School)
My Second Grader (with her newly pierced ears)
My Fourth Grader (Who just simply Rocks!)
Heading out to the Bus Stop.
This same picture is taken every year (yeah I'm a little OCD)
I don't know why but this is always my most favorite shot of them going back to school.
I that Yellow Bus!
Oh and when the kids got home from school yesterday they were still excited!
 I have a feeling it's going to be a great year!

I had better get back to my green beans, yes I am canning today. Me + a pressure canner kinda scary huh! :)
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