Wednesday, February 25, 2009

{The Snowball Effect}

Yes the Snowball effect is running rampant around here....
Remember this recent project?
Well, the window's still look like this.
Because I decided like any good woman to change my mind and do window boxes instead of rods.
Which means my husband has another project to help me with. I would try and cut all the wood myself but, I like my fingers where they are, so I'll leave the cutting to the professional.
He has informed me that the boxes will get done tonight all prettied up with trim so hopefully I can paint and get everything done within the next couple days.
That coupled with the baby quilts I am still "trying" to work on. I have one friend that already had her baby and my other friend is having her little boy today!
So good luck Teija :)
And I'm still working on flowers for the shop. I so want to list them but I'm waiting for some clips to arrive so it will be soon. I may just go ahead and list some of the pins. We will see how my day progress's
 Oh and I have to congratulate my 11yr old who is now officially a Boy Scout! He had his cross over last night at the Blue & Gold Banquet.
We are so proud of him. :)
I'd post a picture of him but he is ever so good at eluding my camera.

okay blogger is ticking me off. Why is it changing the look of my font... Grrrrrrr.......
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Friday, February 20, 2009

{New Etsy Stuff}

These cute little flower's/headband's will be going in my shop very soon. I can put these on a Pin back or an Alligator clip. 
I have some dang cute fabric on the way so I will be making many more I can hardly wait! Sorry cute baby model not included. :)

Seriously, could she be any cuter! I know I'm just a wee bit biased!
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Monday, February 16, 2009

{La' Curtain's}

I know shes not ironed but I had to get a visual of what it might look like and well I'm kinda liking it ... Okay hang on let me start from the beginning.......
I have been wanting to do some form of curtain panels ever since I found the Nester's blog (which by the way she rocks), but the only kind I could semi afford just happened to be these checked ones that I was secretly coveting at our local Wal-mart (I know I know....Wally World don't judge me), but even at $20 bucks a pop it was still to much for my lowly budget. But.... Whilest shopping at our local Wal-Mart on Day guess what I saw was on CLEARANCE!
Yup, my ever coveted Malaga Check Better Homes & Gardens curtain panels.
So in my cart they went, I actually bought 4 panels but I ended up taking 2 of them back so now I am going to cut the 2 in half and I'll get 4 panels for the price of 2. Look at me being all thrifty, yeah I'm cool like that. :) j/k The full blown panel was just too much fabric for my skinny farm house windows. I will be adding some fabric to the bottom of the panel because right now the window looks like it's sporting some Steve Urkel high waters. So I'll have to do a big reveal soon but for now I just thought I would throw out a small teaser & a stupid story aren't you glad you read my blog...... :):) Have a Happy Monday!
Funny how my small, sad, pathetic curtains that have been hanging far too long actually match the new panels. Just goes to show you that I don't stray far from what I love. :) Yeah I know I'm a total nerd.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

{Feeling The ♥}

Yeah, I know another random post but hey I'm posting right? :) This is what we did when the kids got home from school today. 
It's nothing amazing, but when you have 90+ Valentines to do you go for what is easy! So this year I tried something new and purchased these all from Etsy they sell them as PDF files so you can print all you want (love that). 
Not only are the stinking cute but they are something that no one else at school is going to have. And I'm all about being a little different. :) 
So here's what EASY L♥VE looks like at 90+, maybe next year we will get a little more crafty :)

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

{Could This Post Be More Random?}

Well again I find that I really have nothing to blog about. For the past month now All and I mean ALL 5 of my kids have been sick and I'm not joking... In fact Jentry had to come home from school yesterday because he was feeling sick to his stomach and true to form for this Flu that has been lingering in our home far too long, the flu won and he is home again today, all this on top of severe colds.
(this is what the flu looks like around midnight, he's so going to hate this picture)

Corbin is hacking up his last lung as is Parker, Brinley & Addison. I think they may be getting a little better thanks to the Nebulizer that has been smoking away for days.

I have not been able to work on my little project for my friend Ellen. But I did finish up an Etsy order for my stick people for a family of 8, and I'm working on another right now for a family of 4. I guess I'm getting some stuff done just not enough, I feel like I'm barely hanging on. 
 This is me last night tired & with some very red eye's might I add. Why is it that the only pictures that are taken of me are taken by me?...... What's up with that! Don't mind the fat face, I'm working on it.

Okay on to more Randomness, enter the play panels (aka before the ick). I won the fabric town panel from Quilt Taffy (thanks:) and on the other side is a train scene (which I purchased) & then I sewed the 2 together and can I just say it was worth every penny! 
He loves them and so do I, they take up no room at all and it travels ever so nicely. Plus the fact that it can entertain for HOURS a total A+ in my book! Hopefully my little man will be back to his fun little self soon and I can see more of this.
I don't know if they still carry these little panels but if you can find them and your little guy likes to play with cars and trains I say buy them you'll be glad you did!
Then my mailman who I now (sorry Lloyd) :) brought me some fun mail today. While all this sick has been going on, I felt the need to buy something, so I hopped on Amazon and bought this book.
Yeah I know it's so Cliche', but I love it! Every time we go to eat at my cousin Donna's house she makes the best food and every time she tells me she got the recipe from this book. So I decided it was time for me to buy it. 
So a little research, a debit card and $13.99 later I'm the proud owner of a book that will tell me the secrets to all things Jell-O! 
Okay the sick are calling my name, must run! ;)
I promise to post more about nothing later!
I know, I know you can hardly wait!
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

{My Cotton Prozac}

I know I have been missing from Blogdom for a while, but that's because I finished Addison's quilt, I finished my TV hutch and have been project-less for a few days. Yes I have found that when my dark cloud is hanging overhead having some form of "project" to do has been good for me.
Enter my Cotton Prozac!
Well, that and my Best'est Friend Ellen just had a baby yesterday so I now have a good excuse to make up something cute for her new little guy! So I'm going to be bonding once again with my rotary cutter and my sewing machine anything will be better than the vomit that has been coming out of my children the past few days. Yes we are living the good life around here. Hopefully I'll have something to post soon. :)
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