Tuesday, November 13, 2007

{ It's All Relative }

 Well Corbin is still adjusting to having a new sibling in the house. He is the first child for us, to go through an "adjustment phase". The other kids did so well when we brought home a new little one. 
He is extremely vocal in the whinese dept.
And he is also complaining of an apparent "Old War Wound" that he obtained back in the great war of 06'
(it's totally his crutch that he pulls out when he is in need of attention or is just having issues). Hopefully he will heal and everything will be all right again, otherwise we are taking him to the Veteran's hospital for further exploration. ;)

Anyway, yesterday Corbin he was telling me that we needed to find the baby's home. I explained to him several times that this was Addison's home and that she lived here with us and that she has her bed/clothes and so on and so forth.
Don't know if it sunk in as he hasn't asked for her to go anywhere today so that's progress I suppose.
I just hope that he has a great relationship with Addison like he has with Brinley. I know it will happen, I just wished it would happen a little sooner rather then later.
Oh well patience is a virture it will happen one of these days.
Silly boy!

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  1. Wish i had some advice on this but i don't. Only had to introduce one new baby and that went great. At least if he is wanting your attention you know he loves you. :)

  2. Brinley & Corbin are so cute together. I don't think I've ever even seen them fight. That's gotta be a huge blessing! I'm sure he'll come around to Addison... :)

  3. Brinley & Corbin are so cute. Seth went through the same thing when Ryan was born. They grow out of it! Now they just fight all the time. Crazy boys!

  4. Poor Corbin! Oh well...I'm sure it won't be too long before he's all protective and cute with Addison!

    Brinley looks SO grown up!!! I can't believe how big she is!

    I totally miss you!!!

  5. They are very cute together. It looks like they have a great relationship!


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