Thursday, February 05, 2015

{ Back Post- Ledger At 6 Months }

 I can't believe this cute little man has been here for 6 months already. 
                         He's finally at that super fun stage where their little personality is here 
                                   and he knows how to use it. Here are 6 facts about Ledger:

1. He's spoiled. 
2. He still likes to combat crawl. 
3. We've nicknamed in Carl as in Combat Carl... 
4. He still won't take a pacifier or bottle. 
5. His hair is finally starting to come back in. 
6. He is loved by EVERYONE. :) 
Happy 6 month birthday love!

enough with the pictures mom, I have other things to do......
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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

{ Back Post- Random November Memories }

This post is as random as you can get! So here we go.....
We ended October by painting some pumpkins.
My Mr. and Parker have been building us a Barn Shed. She's done now and is pretty saweet!
I put up my sparse Thanksgiving decor....

we do a lot of this....
The picture is fuzzy but I love the interaction of these two.

A little FHE

We had Family Home Evening. Brinley was in charge of our lesson. Corbin and Addison acted out the Good Samaritan story. Hence the stache' :).
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{ Back Post- Halloween 2014 }

Halloween was low key. Addison turned 7 this past Halloween and we had our annual Trunk-Or-Treat and then came home. It was cold and rainy and we were frankly d.o.n.e.

I made Addison's Owl Wings from thrift store finds well- Wool pants, skirts, shirts & one Wool trench coat to be exact and I actually made 2 sets of wings. One for her and another for her cute little friend Lyndie. I will post a picture of her facing the camera but she has yet to put her Costume on again.
Costume in progress.....

Corbin was dying to be a Star Wars Storm Trooper so we borrowed a trooper from our friends. Thanks P & N!

 Ledger was a Pirate Owl. My awesome friend Kim made Ledger's hat as well as an owl hat for Addison. She is super amazing.... For the main part of his costume I just took 2 long sleeve onesies and layered them (the top one I cut the arms off). I then took 2 scrap sheets of felt in red and brown and cut out scallops then hot glued them together and glued them to the chest of the top onesie. The baby legs I ordered from eBay. Paired with some Pirate themed leather Robeez he was set for Halloween!

Oh how I love this little face!

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{ Back Post- Funny Little People }

I'm gonna say it, Babies are just funny little people. Ledger has the best little personality. He cracks us up on a daily basis. Love this little man.

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{ Back Post- Jentry's Jr. Year- Soccer }

Jentry had a great soccer season, I sure hope he continues to play through his Senior year. Hard to believe he is almost a senior. Crazy how fast all these kids are growing up!
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