Saturday, July 14, 2007


So Lloyd & I are leaving early tomorrow morning to go to Cincinnati Ohio/Georgia! Sounds like a party! I haven't packed a thing yet but it shouldn't take me too long as I only have 2 outfits I can wear right now. So on our way to Boise in the morning we or shall I say I am going to be a sabbath breaker and go visit an Old Navy to find a few extra maternity items to wear.
I am hoping to keep my blog updated as we are on our trip, Lloyd is taking the laptop so I can download all I want. So you will all get to see our fabulous "HUMID" trip as it happens. Should be a fun hot week!
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  1. Have a SUPER FANTASTIC amount of fun!!! Here's hoping you find something uber cute at Old Navy!

  2. Humid is right! You should've come last week we had some nice cool canadian air. Welcome to the jungle! Er, i mean Ohio!

    Your fellow buckeye,


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