Monday, July 16, 2007

{ Views from around town }

So we walked around after Lloyd got done with his meetings & had dinner at Skyline Chili was good, but mine was spicy! I think too many onions & I asked for light on the onions. But was still yummy. I figured while we were out I would take some random pics of the city well, at least 4 blocks of the city sorry folks my feet were killing me.

Thought Jentry & Parker would like these.

Couldn't go in there not enough cash, but how fun would it be to someday get something in the Tiffany Blue Box? :) Ya I know wishful thinking.
Fountain Square
Our Hotel the big Orange/Glass building which is hooked directly to Saks Fifth Avenue. You can get into Saks from inside our hotel.... Will not be shopping in there anytime soon, I don't feel like I would be dressed nice enough. :) I shop at T.J.Maxx, Wal-Mart, Target, you know normal people stores.
Other views from around downtown. 

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  1. The Aronoff Center is on Elm Street which is your random street. That is where the plays and arts crap is. We went to Cadillac Ranch out in Amarillo, TX. Was something to see. Pretty cool. I didn't know we needed to take a spray can! Yeah the earrings in Tiffany's cost more than my house. Fountain Square is the fountain where WKRP in cincinnati showed in their tv show, that fountain, that's the one! I used to shop at Saks aaaaalll the time in high school and shortly there after when i was on mom and dad's credit card. We used to have friday afternoons off in high school and there were 4 of us who would take our mom's credit cards and go shopping. I always had a limit and stuck with it b/c i didn't want her to ever say to stop. I remember buying $15 socks that played music (which i still have) and that was 20 years ago. They're probably $50 by now. I haven't been to a saks in years. Was fun at the time but not on my money. Glad you went to skyline chili! Love that place. Thanks for sharing the pics. Hope my commentary helped. :)



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