Monday, July 09, 2007


Seriously why are my kids always better for someone else? 
I have yet to figure that out, but when I do........ 
Anyway this past weekend has been a long one. 
Kids have been fighting & a ton of tattle telling has transpired, so much that I am ready to commit some sort of "Stay At Home Mom" crime. 

I hope this week goes better, our soccer games officially start this evening at 6:00 so maybe it will help that they will be able to run off some of their "negative energy". 
We shall see...
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  1. Brinley is so cute! (not that the boys aren't). I get a lot of tattle taling too between my 2. I never know who is telling the truth and who is making something up. My rule is if i don't know what is going on and someone tattles and the other can't handle it they both come in and go to their room b/c someone is lying and someone maybe doing something they shouldn't. It has worked so far. They are on vacation in Pittsburgh for a few days so i have a break from that crap. I'll hope it's a better week for you too!



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