Thursday, July 12, 2007

Feeling Blah

Today I am feeling very blah...... Things that are not helping are -- Being so extremely hot with swollen feet/everything, feeling tired all day (again the heat) the kids being bored out of their minds, but don't want to go out in the 99+ degree weather & I don't blame them, & I have been trying to clean the house the only thing I got done today was vacuum the living room and all the blinds & do the dishes. Oh & went to Jentry's soccer game it was nice and warm out. Those poor soccer playing kids!
I am trying to get everything prepared as my mom should be here on Saturday to watch the kids for the week (bless her) because Lloyd and I are leaving early Sunday morning to fly to Ohio (for work meetings) then on Wednesday we will rent a car and drive the 6+ hours to Georgia to visit his brother Mike & his family and we will come home on Saturday the 21st.
So here is a list of things I should be doing but am not because I feel blah, tired, & hot.
  1. Packing up our clothes
  2. Grocery shopping for the week we are gone
  3. Doing laundry
  4. Washing and changing all sheets (it's time)
  5. Cleaning the bathroom (I hate this job)
  6. Moping the floors
  7. Dusting everything
  8. Making a meal menu
  9. Typing up the kids schedule for the week
  10. Making up some meals to freeze

I am sure there are more things that I have forgotten about but, I sure it will come to me eventually. So cheers to my blah slump! I hope I am better tomorrow.

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  1. I go thru those spells too, just when you need to kick it in high gear you feel like doing nothing. I feel your pain! Have a fun trip to my home state! I wish you weren't on the opposite end of it tho or i'd come visit you. You couldn't be any further from me. If my schedule allowed for it tho i'd so be there to see you! Have safe travels and make sure to try the chili in Cincy!

    Love from Ohio,


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