Tuesday, July 17, 2007

{ I'm in Skywalk heaven! }

So I have discovered the joy of the skywalk's that this city seems to have. You never have to walk outside in the heat! It's too bad I wasn't paying enough attention to take advantage of these yesterday! Yes, I am blonde (sometimes). Today was a good shopping day! Macy's was having a sale on their kids clothes, the racks are $4.99 and they are loaded. I got Levi's jeans for both Jentry and Parker for $4.99 each......I bought 7 pairs. I also bought shirt's for Jentry, Parker & Brinley & some other stuff as well. Basically spent $88.00 bucks for $375.00 worth of clothes. Hello, school shopping! Maybe the skywalk's are bad... I stayed out of the heat & actually had the energy to shop today! Tomorrow morning we check out @ 11:00 and are renting a car to drive to Georgia. So I will be blogging from even further down south! Blog at ya later! :)
Updated: While at dinner tonight the waitress was extremely friendly and told us about the observation deck on Carew Tower we are told it's the tallest building in Cincinnati. So we are going to splurge and spend a whopping $4 dollars to go to the top of the city. I should be able to get some cool shots from up there.

See you tomorrow Mike & Tia!
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  1. I have found good deals at Macy's too. Except i can't find anything that says "Macy's" on it except at the one in NYC. Macy has gotten quite a few cool things with her name on it from there. Good time to be leaving ohio. We are getting thunderstorms tomorrow. You'll have clear skies on your drive down. Enjoy the scenery if you are going thru kentucky. They really do have rolling green hills with white fences. VERY pretty. Safe travels.



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