Monday, July 16, 2007

{ Our Cincinnati View }

So here is our view of Cincinnati from our room. Just thought I would try downloading a picture from my CF Card onto this computer (I have never done it before) looks like I was successful!. Today is very uneventful for me, Lloyd has been in meetings all day he should be back in 15 mins or so & I have not done a whole lot. I don't like roaming around a strange city alone...
I did go out around 1:00 and found a pretzel place called Auntie Anne's or something like that, had a pretzel for breakfast/lunch. Then I went to T.J.Maxx were I found my Perfume that I just ran out of & a little baby outfit got both for such a bargain. (Both places are right across the street from our hotel). I then came back to our room so I could rest & blog :), I think all our traveling has caught up with me & the time change doesn't help. Hopefully, I can get out and take pictures outside after I get a little rest. So that's all for now, later!
And when did my floating Widget baby get so big? Slightly Freaky!
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  1. We love auntie anne's pretzels! Not cheap but i always have coupons for buy one get one free. Plus their lemonade doesn't have yellow 5 in it, bonus! Nice view! (YW on the elf reminder).


  2. I missed your calls dang it! I was in the shower then I screened and no name came up. Call me if you get bored, I swear I'll answer this time Mrs. unknown name unknown number. Great View!!

  3. Looks like fun! You know what would be funner is a girls weekend out and about somewhere like that! Then come back at night an scrap! Can you tell I need to get OUT...


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