Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Georgia Aquarium

#1.Some jelly fish
 # 2. a freaking huge stingray
Some fish, don't remember names. The tank they are in holds 6,300,000 gallons of water. That's alot of freaking water!
These are Japanese Spider Crabs they were HUGE!
Piranha's, they never moved I swear! Can everyone say Darla!!
(toy story)
Mike & Tia took us to the Georgia Aquarium it was a huge place with the population of a small town inside all staring at fish and other forms of sea creatures. It rained or shall I say down poured most of the day & for the first time it was surprisingly cool but then the sun came out and then it was just HOT & HUMID! After the aquarium we went and dropped off the kids at Tia's parents and went to the Olive Garden for dinner, then a quick trip to the mall where I picked up some of my Bath & Body works lotion (thanks Hilary for introducing me to my new smell) then came back home and crashed. So that's Friday in a nutshell! :) Thanks Mike & Tia it was a fun day!
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