Friday, July 06, 2007

{ Celebrating the 4th of July 2007 Style! }

So we may not be the most fun of parents but we did try to have a little fun on the 4th. Lloyd ended up laying flooring for his Aunt & Uncle as it was the only time he had available (how sad is that? & thanks Brent for helping) Anyway we had lunch with Aunt Maxine and Uncle Vic & our Cousins Brent & Donna & their 4 boys, then we took the kids swimming, let the kids play outside although Jentry was hiding out in the basement with the Nintendo to beat the heat :). Then being the faithful Mormon Families that we are, we had more food via la' BBQ. 
Then we set off fireworks in the driveway just about the same time the battery on my camera decided to die. But having homemade Huckleberry ice cream made up for the fact the camera was DOA. 
After the bag o' fireworks were gone we went up to the Stake Center and sat on the lawn and watched as the "big" fireworks were set off. It turned out to be a fun day & we were glad that we were able to spend some time with family on the 4th!

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  1. I miss huckleberries.... :(

    Glad you had so much fun!!

  2. Sounds like fun! We were lame and stayed home until the big fireworks went off!


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