Saturday, July 21, 2007

{ The Big Chicken KFC That Is... }

This is the "BIG" Chicken! I can now say I have truly visited the south. What's funnier is that it's beak and eye's move. Tia told us that people use it as a landmark when giving directions. Just turn at the big chicken...... Ya gotta love the Colonel! Yes, I know a dumb post but thought it was funny.
Oh and now it's Saturday the 21st & we are coming home! I miss my kids. We will be flying out of Atlanta at 7:15 pm and arriving in Boise @ 9:35, so it's going to be a long nice day! But I am prepared, I have my new Harry Potter book in hand so that should keep me entertained most of the flight. See you guys when we get home!
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  1. HOW FUNNY! I love kitchy attractions like this. I go out of my way to find them. Good find!



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