Sunday, July 22, 2007


It's so nice to be home! I missed my kids, I missed my own bed, there is just something nice about coming home ya know? I have to say a HUGE THANKS to my mom for watching the kids all week. They kept her running, but she said she was able to keep up with them. :)
We made it home a little after midnight last night, not too bad for leaving Atlanta at 7:15 p.m. ya gotta love that time change. We were able to make it to church this morning well just to sacrament the kids were excited to see us again so we just took it easy this morning. Then after church we came home and I scored a 3 hr nap. I think I needed it. Oh and my HOLY SWOLLEN feet! Lloyd got out a bucket & filled it with ice & water and made me stick my feet in it.. I have to say it helped to take down some of the swelling at least a little bit of it. So now it's back to our summer soccer life and all the other things we neglected while we were away... So Thanks again Mom & Mike and Tia! It was fun!

Life goes on-Vacation's don't.
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  1. The thing i miss most is my bed when i'm away. NOTHING like my pillow top. We did find the marriott has pillow top mattresses too when we were in detroit for a hockey tournament. Very nice. Who knew! I hope those swollen feet get better for you. Lie on your bed flat and raise your feet. Not just a recliner or it will all go to your butt (seriously). The floor will do too. GOOD LUCK with those feet!


  2. Yay that you are home!!!

    Relax, and have fun with your kids.

    Also, if you get some peppermint tea bags, pour boiling water over them, and then add them to cool/cold water. Soak your feet in that, and it will totally help the swelling too!!


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