Wednesday, July 25, 2007

{ Some down time...... }

Today for me is a blah day, (many of you that know me, understands what that means) there is no other way for me to describe it, and being really tired isn't helping. We had to run errands today and then both boys had soccer games so Lloyd took Jentry to his and I took the other 3 to Parkers. Talk about a smashing good time. So after Parker's game we went and picked up Jentry as Lloyd had a church mtg & we came home ate some dinner, then we or I decided to go to the park & let the kids run off the rest of their energy.. You would think they would have run it all out at soccer---- ya not so much. So here are some pictures from our evening at the park. Yes, it's boring but hey I blogged. Hip hip for me.......

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  1. You're brave! Going to the park "alone" and on a "blah" day that's great. Not something I do even on a superbly wonderful day. :)

  2. Corbin and Brinley look soo much alike!!!

    What cute kids you have!

    If I were there, we'd grab Melissa and go have a Denny's night with chicken salads. Too bad Tony isn't there to spice it up! lol!

  3. Amazing how the simplest of things can be such a fun time.


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