Wednesday, July 18, 2007

{ Day O' Travel! }

We made it to Georgia! There is nothing like hitting 4 states in one day! We drove through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia! It's definitely more humid here than in Cincinnati. It's nice to see Mike & Tia and the kids again, the kids are getting so big! Here are some really boring pictures of our travels today they are no big deal but figured I would get them out of my hair so I don't have so much to blog tomorrow. Sorry for such a boring post. I'm tired. What else is new?
Corbin Tennessee reminded me of my cute little boy!
Really does this need an explanation?
Seriously why would anyone name a road this?
The Smoky Mountain's ( just a little bit of John Denver)
See told you it was boring.
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  1. Stinking creek road! LOLOLOL That is funny! I love the smoky mountains. If i have to retire east of the mississippi (and i'm hoping i don't have to) i'd love to live in asheville, NC. OH MY GOSH the scenery is amazing! Those smoky mountains are way cool. (No e in smoky, not sure why i always thought there was then we went there last year to dollywood and smoky mountain national park and thought it was a spelling error).


  2. Where did you get the name Corbin? I didn't know there was a city Corbin... I think it's so beautiful in the East and so green of course all the humidity makes it a greenhouse with out the walls! Have fun!

  3. Now you need to scrap a travel album! Those look more like "smoky hills" to me. By the way, widget baby stuck her toes out at me, she's leaking out of her bubble!!!!

  4. Great pictures! You do know that John Denver sang about the Rocky Mountains not the Smokey Mountains, right? :)


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