Thursday, July 26, 2007

{ Needing to be Rescued! }

So we had a wee bit of a scare with Mr. Parker today. 
Lloyd came home for lunch in the store car which is a Dodge Neon well, after lunch Parker disappeared I was getting some fudge bar's out for the kids to eat and asked where Parker was, Lloyd said he went outside so I asked him to go get him. Well, he didn't find him out on the trampoline so he yelled for him & ended up finding the boy IN THE TRUNK OF THE NEON!!! Keep in mind the high for today was 95. So Lloyd gets him out and the kid is literally soaking wet from sweat. Neither of us knows just how long he was in there, he wasn't crying but I think he was scared. Lloyd & I are both so thankful he was ok...
Apparently, he climbed into the trunk from inside the car, you can lay the seats down and have access to the trunk that way well, as he got in he decided to pull the seat back into place cause it was a cool little cave. This little event scared us to death (hello kids have been known to die in hot cars). None of our cars have trunks but we talked to all the kids about playing in cars - trunks or not & how you really shouldn't so, long story short---
kids do not play in cars!
Lesson Learned.
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  1. Scary! Good thing for the fudge bars... I don't think I would have even thought to look in the car!

  2. Oh how scary...I'm glad that Parker is ok!!!

    Has your heartbeat returned to normal yet?

  3. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! Off to talk to my kids.


  4. It's amazing how much trouble 7 yr old boys can get into. I'm just glad he's alright and that you found him so quickly. Scary!


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