Friday, November 01, 2013

{ Minion Halloween Costumes }

So, yeah, I've been a bit MIA.... I've really not had too much to say or blog about. I'm sure you don't want to hear about my oldest boys sports seasons with Football & Soccer so I will let you off easy there... We do always have some project going of some kind or another but I always feel like it's nothing that my fellow bloggers want to hear about. So I need to get better, get back to my blog and put my feelings and happenings & all my fun stuff back on the "big" screen. :)

In the month of October we celebrated: 
Corbin's Birthday, he is now 9. 
Our Anniversary- 19 years wowza!
And Miss Addison turned 6 yesterday on Halloween. 

It's been a crazy month to say the least but I did get 2 major crafts done. Sure they were only Halloween costumes, but by George I MADE THEM!!! 
I have the glue gun blisters to prove it! I hope you've all had a fantastic Halloween!!!

p.s. remind me next year that making Halloween Costumes is NEVER a good idea.. Especially when they are so involved.....

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  1. Holy Cow those are impressive! I've seen a bunch of minion costume pics but these take the cake! Worlds Best Mom award!!!

  2. I keep seeing pictures of these, but I NEVER get tired of them because they are awesome! Seriously the coolest costumes ever. W-O-W :)

  3. Love those costumes I'll bet they were time consuming. Glad to see your posts again

  4. Love those costumes but they do look involved. But they're so adorable! I always thought at midnight on the 30th that I should have started in August. Mimi

  5. Those costumes turned out amazing! Totally worth your time. Look at the smiles on those kiddo's faces. Nice work mom~!!

  6. oh ! I cant believe you made those!! well, actually I can. but still! you should sell them for 100 bucks a piece or more! Glens gorilla suit cost 80 bucks so those have got to be at least 100 each.


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