Monday, June 03, 2013

{ Teacher Gifts 2013 - Part 2 }

Okay here are the rest of the Teacher Gifts that I did this year.
The Ruffle Apron's I've been making, are totally inspired by the Whatever Blog by Meg Duerksen. I've been an avid reader of her blog forever and am totally in love with her style and her craft weekends! I've seen hundreds of ruffled aprons, but her mix of fabrics just makes me want to craft!

This is the apron I made for Corbin's Teacher, 
I so so so love how it turned out.

This one I already posted about, but here it is again. I made this one for Addison's Teacher.
Brinley had a male Teacher this year, and one of his most favorite things is Beef Jerky. 

So I cut out a quick cardboard frame and printed out the note, then adhered it all to some manly scrapbook paper. Then, I stapled it to the package of Jerky.
He loved it!
We are into the full swing of summer vacation, in fact I have 8 kids at my house at this very moment. My friend Brooke is on her way home from The Farm Chicks Show and her booth did AMAZING, so I'm having her kiddo's over for the day.

PS. i miss school and all our fabulous teacher so much already.
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  1. Yes, I do think you should put aprons in your Etsy shop. At least try out a couple and see how they do. You'll never know if you don't try. And, they are very, very cute!!

  2. Yes, absolutely!! Like I said...I will be your first customer. I do love the 2nd apron the best. You are so gifted! I love all the things you make and do. And you are the most amazing mom. Hope your kids know how lucky they are to have you.

  3. Oh my goodness, your kids teachers are lucky to have families like yours. Our teachers get a simple thank you by the end of the year. You're amazing. The aprons are super cute, I wouldn't think you would have any problems selling them. Give it a try!!

  4. Yes! Put those adorable aprons on Etsy! Love the colors in the one for Corbin's teacher.

  5. I bet your kid's teachers love you too! Very cute!

  6. I love those aprons and it wouldn't hurt to post a couple on Etsy. It would only cost you $.40 to try!

  7. I agree. The aprons would sell. I love the colors & style, and can tell from the close ups that you're a great seamstress. I hope you give it a try.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the aprons!!!!! I would absolutely post these photos on your Etsy shop and see if you get a bite. I think you'll do great, even tho there are other apron sellers out there. Research your competition and price accordingly. ;-) Good luck!

    As for your teacher gifts - OH MY!!! Yours are the BEST I've found for male teachers. We, too, have our first male teacher this year and I had NO idea what to gift him on the first day (or any day, for that matter! haha). Your ideas are great. Thanks for sharing!!!!
    ~doreen at


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