Monday, July 26, 2010

{ Girls Camp Washer Neclace: Cost, Info & Tips }

Well, the necklaces were a BIG HIT! The girls had fun and loved them! I even caught a glimpse of a few girls wearing them to church yesterday, ya gotta love that!
I've had several emails asking me where I got my supplies so here you go & I'll even throw in a few tips that I found helped me while making these babies.

Girls Camp Theme for 2010
Be Courageous and Strong it's a jungle out there.
Ribbon bought from HERE
Beads from HERE
I also bought a bowl of Pony Beads from Wally's in case the girls wanted those instead of the silver beads. So glad I did!
The washers I bought from our local D&B Hardware store, I bought them by the pound. I Paid $17.38 for a little over 300 washers.
1. Buy your washers by the pound if you can, this way you can hand pick them, trust me not all washers are pretty and smooth.
2.Use an Anvil to stamp your washers if you don't have one a concrete slab works just as well. I prefer the Anvil as you can stand and stamp while jamming to your Ipod.
3. Use a VERY heavy hammer/mallet, I found I only had to pound on the stamps 2-3 times. Granted the heavier the hammer to more sore your wrist. This I know from experience, but it went so much faster. In fact I think I spent a total of maybe 4 hrs stamping all 300 washers.
4. BEFORE coloring your letters give the washer a quick once over with a wet wipe I found when you clean it first the sharpie marks comes off SO MUCH EASIER!
5. I used 1/2'' & 3/8'' washers for this project.
6. I marked the stamps with nail polish so I knew which way I was supposed to stamp it. Trust me it's easy to screw it up. So I marked it with the polish facing me. Now I need to go remove the polish before I return them to my Father in law. :)
Cost to make 150 kits (I had a $100 budget):
Washers- $17.38
Ribbon- $29.03
Beads- $45.47
Grand Total: $91.88
So roughly each necklace cost $0.61 cents each.
Ya gotta love those numbers, I hope some of this info was helpful!

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  1. Those are so cute!! Your girl's camp sounds like fun, too!!

  2. Those are ABSOLUTELY adorable!!!!!! What a neat idea and I can think of so many words to put on the washers!! You are just so CRAFTY!!!♥

  3. Pretty darn cute, I must say!

  4. you. are. cool.
    love cost analysis!

  5. Cute! What was the stamp set up used for yours? I like how thick the letters look.

  6. I would like to know what size and brand of stamp set you used. I got one from Harbor Freights 1/8 inch and had to return the set after trading out 3 times. The letters mushed up after using it only 1 or 2 washers. So I am trying to find a better set. I like how yours looks. (Your father in laws). If you could LMK what size that is and brand if you know that would be great.

    You did an awesome job!! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. I wanna know the same thing MB wants to know.

    I can't believe you handstamped that many.... holy cow! you go girl! Love 'em!

  8. I love these necklaces. You did an excellent job!!!

    It's been a busy summer here and I am trying to catch up on some blog reading. So glad I stopped by here today.


  9. Oah thoes turned out so cute! you did an awesome job and I know the girl are going to love them!

  10. So cute, Rachel! I have been seeing the washers everywhere and wanted to make me some but could not find stamps...thanks for sharing where to get the stamps at...I had looked at Hobby Lobby but could not find there or either they couldn't find me if they had them.

  11. Very nice!!! I love the way they turned out!

  12. Thanks for posting this info. You did an amazing job!

  13. Wow!!! I think you could sell those! (You know, you could make them in your spare time!) Or, you could just make some for me out of the kindness of your heart:)

  14. Wow. That was a ton of work. You are incredible. I bet the girls loved them.

  15. wow, you continue to amaze me. you are by far the most craftiest person I know! I think you just might be outdoing martha stewart.

  16. Hi! Love your blog!! I too would like to know about your stamp set. I have not seen one or if I did had no clue. What kind of stamp set is it and where would I buy one?
    Thanks again for an inspiring blog!

  17. have you answered anyone qustions yet cuz i want to know the samething.. I'm new at this so not sure where to find the answers. if you havent yet please please do,, I just love the washer neckless. i have stamps but its not coming out looking like yours,, yours are great! love your blog,, thanks Jenn

  18. Thanks for sharing.
    I love this.


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