Thursday, July 01, 2010

{ Cabin Or House? You Decide..... }

This is a "Hunting Cabin" that is currently being built not too far from where we live. I use the word "Cabin" loosely as this is an 8,000 ft. structure. But considering the size of the owners residential home in California this would be a cabin to them as their home over in the land of the sun is H.U.G.E.... Lloyd installed some cork flooring in their exercise room and said that we HAD to come see this house.
So enter a little road trip to the Cabin/House in the woods.

I'm pretty sure I will never in my lifetime know what this kind of money is like, but it sure was fun to go and see it in real life.
My Excursion looks so small next to this house!

I love the rock pattern they used on the Garage.
These are the Garage doors. There are 3 of these beauties. I tried to get pictures of the inside of the house but it was just too dang dark. But trust me it's C.O.O.L.
Would you look at this view!
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I could live with this if I had too :)

Well my dryer just buzzed so I guess I better get back to reality.
Sure was fun while it lasted though.
Lucky Ducks......
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    That view is the best...

  2. I too like that rock pattern. The view is gorgeous. I have always thought that your little town is so pretty nestled in those mountains there.

  3. Beautiful view and such amazing materials and craftsmanship, but really 8,000 square ft?

  4. Um. That's no cabin. Maybe a compound?!?

  5. HOLY SCHNIKEE'S! That is a beautiful "cabin". Hopefully they are happy with it when it's done!

  6. Wow. I would love to see the inside!

  7. Is this in Idaho? So pretty there. The problem with a house this big is I'd have to spend my whole life cleaning it since I couldn't afford to have someone come clean it for me...Mimi

  8. Oh Myyyy - A little heaven on earth!! You told me it was big but I didn't think gorgeous too!! And I thought the house we are staying in on the coast was big...

  9. I guess I could live there, if I haaad to... :-) Gosh, that is gorgeous!

  10. Be still my heart...I thought one had to die before catching a glimpse of heaven. "Lucky Ducks" indeed! : )
    Mary Lou


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