Thursday, May 01, 2008

Way To Go Maria!

Congrats go to my friend Maria who won the coveted Bloom Quilt. I am beginning to think that your half Irish as your lucky winning streak is at an all time high. I must be doing something wrong as all my friends around me are winning stuff. First Bridget, then Maria then Melissa, and now Maria again. Hey girls I think this would be a great time to take up gambling. How do you feel about an impromptu trip to Vegas? :)
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  1. ♡ I'm ready for a trip to ANYWHERE!!! Although we wouldn't be able to see any GOOD concerts now that CHER is there! Holy cow that lady has some sick costumes! :)

  2. I am in total shock and disbelief. I can't believe that I won. What are the chances, really? I bet you are thinking, why did I ever tell her about it, aren't you. I'm sorry. I seriously need to buy a lottery ticket or something. Vegas-sure, why not!

  3. Okay, we need to pack some bags RIGHT NOW! I had a four leaf clover somewhere here today... probably under all that snow because it didn't show up until 11 o'clock.

    Your next, I just know it, you've been so good today ;o).


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