Thursday, May 01, 2008

6 Months Old

Okay how can she be half a year old! Time doth swiftly fly right by when there's kids at home. Yeah I know I'll be struck by lightening the next time it rains for making up words to church songs, but man she is growing up WAY too fast. I do think it gets faster with each child, I think you miss some of it because your soooo busy with the other siblings. I managed to take this mini photo shoot of her this afternoon crammed in-between all the kid's other activities & while talking on the phone. They are by no means professional & I only took 96 of them (I love digital) but I loved the way they turned out.
This is how she feels about photo shoots, but I ♥ this picture...
ANYWAY here are her stats as she went to the pediatrician today for shots and her bi-monthly lube and filter, 15lbs 14oz's & 26 inches long. She's doing great although she is still sick and Doc told me that she is pretty much allergic to Amoxicillin hence her Rash-O-Rama last week, but other than that she's fine and dandy. Well, tell that to her tender little "shot" thighs. Phew I almost missed posting this today. At least I made it on her 6 month day. See I am getting better. Okay my 15 pound duty is crying my name. Later.
Pictures taken 5-1-2008
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  1. Great pictures Rachel! She is such a cutie!! Look at those eyes and her sweet smile! 6 months already... holy cow! How can that be?

  2. ♡ Cute pictures! YOU DID IT!!! With all that was on your plate yesterday and 20 minutes to spare! :)

  3. Oh, great photos, ADORABLE half a year old least now you know no more amoxicillin.........I'm allergic to penicillin too......

  4. Cute pictures with great smiles! I remember taking a million shots of Ginger when she was smaller. Yes! Digital is so nice!

  5. So sweet! She is very cute. I love the pictures and i think they look very professional! Good job.


  6. Holy Pete 'n Hannah! Miss Addison is SO cute!! I can't believe that she's already 6 months! Great job with the pictures, and your blog!

  7. I'm a fellow 2peas lurker and took a look at your blog. I just wanted to say that your daughter is the exact weight and length that my son was at his 4 month check up. I guess that's the difference between boys and girls. By the way, you have a lovely family.


  8. that yawn picture is just precious!

  9. Hmmm not so sure i agree with the allergic to penicllin thing. If it was just her face, it could be a reaction to 'something' in the medicine whether it was the drug or not, but unless the rash was all over, with dime sized hives, it's not an allergic reaction to penicillin. It could be a sensitivity to a chemical in the medicine and the face being thinned skinned is where it shows. I'd have her scratch tested to PCN when she gets older. That takes out 2 classes of drugs, the penicllins and the cephalosporins. I say reaction, not the allergic variety. Granted i didn't see the rash in person just what you posted but. That's what i'm goin with!

    Oh yeah, cute baby by the way. :)

  10. Ok i had a thought while i was almost asleep last night. Is this the first time Addison had amox? If so then for sure it's not an allergic reaction. You don't get an allergic reaction until your body is exposed a first time and then you form antibodies to it. If this was her second time well then. But if it was the first time in her 6 months of life for sure not allergic. Ok i'll try and let this rest now. Can't tell i was a derm nurse can ya? ;)


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