Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Little Man

I just love this little boy, he is genuinely just a good boy! And he has a sense of humor that rival's his goofy older brothers. He never gets into any of my stuff and the couple times that he has I just tell him no and he never touches it again. He's a boy that loves to play in dirt and get as dirty as he possibly can. And EVERY TIME I take a picture of him he tries to do as many goofy faces as he can, then he has to see the preview of it before I can take another. He's got a super sweet side that he doesn't show to just anybody & man this boy loves to sing! He falls asleep in his chair while in Sunbeams at church at least a couple times a month. He's just my Corbin.... Did I mention that I love this little man!
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  1. he's a doll... he's Ella's age, right?

    CUTE new blog look, too!

  2. Love the bloggy makeover!

    I think Corbin needs to come to my house and rub off on my youngest two. They could use it, especially after today ;o).

  3. Love your new header etc...

    He sounds so sweet. I love that he falls asleep during sunbeams! That is very very funny!

  4. ♡ I thought it was the cutest thing EVER the first time I saw him nodding off in Primary! So cute! Gotta love his singing too!

    I really like you new header!

  5. Corbin reminds me so much of my other neqhew Anthony. He is the same age as Corbin. I will have to send you a picture of him. He is #4out of 5 kids and has alot the same personality as Corbin.

  6. If I have boys, I hope they are sweet like Corbin.


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