Thursday, May 29, 2008

Knee Deep........

We are knee deep in all kinds of LOVELY crap stuff literally. The flu has come and it's hosts so far are Brinley and today Corbin. It's seems to be spreading like the childhood disease "whinese" so I'm sure the other kids will get it as well. I think Brinley got it from someone at church. Dang our righteous ways. Miss Brinley has already missed 2 day's of school. At least she's a happy sick person, plus she hits the bowl- always much appreciated. Sorry Easter bunny our easter buckets now have a new purpose.Plus we are dealing with what's known as 'Full Septic Tank Syndrome'. Or as Jentry and I like to call it E-Coli in a box. And you wanna know what's sad? (I'm now putting on my crass/not so righteous hat-sorry mom) as Lloyd was digging up the grass the only thing I could think of was the scene from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation where cousin Eddie empties his RV's chemical toilet into the sewer. Seriously, I said the line in my head with the music playing. Hey things could always be worse right? Ahh the sight of seeing my man digging up my lawn to get to our septic tank. Have you ever seen anything sexier than this? :)

Yeah, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

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  1. I love your sarcastic side! I'm howling! Sorry i'm laughing with you not at you. :) You poor thing. Macy is home sick today too 2 days before her baptism. UGH! Fever, cough. Gotta get her into a lemon bath and got her on oregano oil and ginger for the fever! Best wishes on all of this resolving for you and the sooner the better.

  2. OMG! YOU are a HOOT! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Talking about busy. . seems to me you've got me on that one:) LOVE your blog. And your kids' names are fantastic. No girls for me, however, Brinley was one of my girl name picks. And being a Labor & Delivery RN I see lots of names now. Yours are cool:) Good luck with your ick you have going on there.

  3. Oh yummy!! (ew) Need any help? I'm volunteering David - He'll love it! Oh yeah and remember he's your home teacher so don't be shy!

  4. UGH! I hate hate throwing up.

    I have never really had to deal with septic tank but they it sounds nasty for sure. The view from your back yard is absolutely breathtaking! WOW!

  5. ♡ Didn't you just tell me that w/the weather craziness the kids were going to get sick!!! Did you know that you were a fortune teller! J/K

    Sorry they're sick Brinley looks way to happy for being sick! I love how she's holding her doll so cute! Corbin looks so sweet laying there too!

    Blech on the septic! So what do they have to do? Drain it? Or do you have to put a new one in? What a pain! Just think when your boys are even older and what great workers they'll be! THat's awesome that they're out there helping!!! :)

    So are you needing to escape yet?

  6. Darn it! I wish you would have called me, my dog would have had that dug up in no time (and she would have enjoyed it to). It was great to see you guys this past weekend. We really need to get the kids together to play this summer. It would be good for them to get to know their cousins. :0) It was kind of sad when they just stared at one another at the store with those blank looks. I am sorry you little ones are sick again. Hopefully the illness only strikes those two. Whip out the soap! Have a great weekend!

  7. We have had the sickies go all the way through the house now too! Good luck with the septic tank!!! I know that stuff is never fun! But there is something amazing about a man who can fix things! I have an amazingly handy husband who can fix anything!


  9. Well I guess I don't need to call to see if you are all well yet!! That stinks! Looks like the boys are having fun in the mud though. Call me if you need anything!

  10. Hey Rachel, Sorry I don't have an email address for you. Be sure to contact Corrie over at Taffy Talk so she can ship your prize!! ('re such a winner!

    LOVE using the easter baskets for barf buckets. Classic!

  11. Sorry the kids are sick hope they get feeling better soon. And hope your septic problems get figured out as well..

    ♥G Merrill

  12. Oh my, I sure feel for you. I have been out there digging my own septic tank up too. Yuk!, Good luck, sorry you have had the sickies go around. By the way, Where are the rubber boots!

  13. Crossing my fingers that the last few don't catch the bug.

    I'm soooo glad you only posted pictures of them digging it up and not what you've been doing all week... I might have needed my own easter bucket!

  14. ok-i feel sorry for you. If i lived closer to you-I would bring you
    clorox-everywhere spray
    plastic gloves-so when your men need drinks-you can hand them to them without actually touching them
    chocolate-your life really needs this right now!
    Diet Coke-you drink this right? If not-I would bring you your drink of choice.
    Some slipper socks and new jammie pants-this always makes a mom feel better.
    Sending good thoughts to you.
    I know that you have sent me an email before-I never got it so i wondering if you would send me another email at
    I would love to talk without other seeing me swear. I have got to keep up my good reputation! :)

  15. no fun. I think we got a stomach bug ..I guess it's been two weeks ago weekend we were stuck at home..well, I guess you already new that since I called you. So did you get that sewer problem taken care of? hope so..especially since we stole Lloyd to work on our house.


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